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What One Should Know About Domestic Discipline


What One Should Know About Domestic Discipline

I absolutely love kink, of course. After I was outed by a cyberstalker five years ago and my lifestyle splashed open in the South African media for all to see, I started living this life openly and proudly. Besides satisfying my own Dominant and sadistic urges, I am a BDSM educator and film producer.

I specialise in roleplay (I have a drama degree and used to be an actress in the vanilla world, before I embraced this lifestyle completely), corporal punishment and domestic discipline. I love touring the world and meeting fellow kinksters.

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What Is Domestic Discipline?

Domestic Discipline is spankings you’d expect to receive as a child.

In BDSM, it manifests as either roleplay or as straight spankings, with no roleplay. Roleplay is often age play: parent/child, aunt and niece/nephew, neighbour, teacher/student. Non-ageplay scenarios could be wife/husband.

You can be punished for real infractions, imaginary infractions or just for fun.

Then there are also Female-Led Relationships (FLR), where two people who are in a romantic relationship or married and who decide that the Woman leads the relationship and is the Dominant partner. Domestic Discipline is often a part of such a FLR.

Photo: PKK Photography

Are There Rules?

Rather than rules, there are traditions:

* The disciplinarian wears common/vanilla clothing rather than fetish wear.

* A domestic setting like a lounge or study, even just an armchair in a corner, rather than a dungeon.

* No BDSM furniture like caning benches, just everyday home furnishings.

* No restraining with rope or leather cuffs or chain. Restraining is done with leg locks and/or armlocks.

* No whips, needles, humblers, etc., but rather household implements. In Domestic Discipline scenes, the implements used are hand, brush, belt, wooden spoon or ruler type implements. Canes (especially short OTK canes) may be used, too.

* Domestic Discipline punishments involve humiliation practices like corner time and corporal punishment on the bum or hands. No face slapping, CBT, etc.

Basically, you need a spanking for your behaviour and you’re going to get one. Probably over the knee, but can be bent over, on a bed, over a chair, etc.

Is Preparation Required?

No prep needed. (Though make sure your bottom is clean, since your bottom will only be a few centimetres from the Disciplinarian’s nose, if you’re pulled over their lap).

If you feel you want/need a bare bottom spanking from a grown adult, find a capable woman—like me—with a willing lap and a stout brush and that’s it!

Misconceptions About Domestic Discipline

Misconceptions? No. But I’ll tell you an interesting fact, though, of which I only recently found out:

There was a type of professional service that was available for parents back in the 50s in England. Some parents were too soft-hearted to discipline their own children, and they could pay professional Disciplinarians outside of the school system to punish their children. This usually happened at their own home, or at the home of the Disciplinarian. Obviously, not any more, as the legal use of corporal punishment has since been abandoned in most countries. But at that time it was a fairly commonplace occurrence in society.

Mistress Baton – South African Dominatrix, Disciplinarian, Tour Domme and content producer. I love latex, CP, Domestic Discipline and Roleplay. Touring your country soon.

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Mistress Baton

South African Dominatrix, Disciplinarian, Tour Domme and content producer. I love latex, CP, Domestic Discipline and Roleplay. Touring your country soon.


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