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Exploring One’s Fetishes & Kinks


Exploring One’s Fetishes & Kinks

My personal thoughts on kinks and fetishes is, don’t ever be afraid or ashamed of what turns you on. We all have at least one thing that is not socially acceptable. As long as you are being safe and have a willing partner, the sky is the limit.

My Interest In Kink

My interest in kink started very early on and if I had to pinpoint one thing, I would have to say I have always had a thing for older men.

Top Fetishes Of Mine

I don’t really have any one fetish I like above anything else. I have been in the lifestyle for many years so have had the pleasure of exploring anything that caught my attention. I love being a dominatrix though. The exhilaration of being in charge of someone else’s pleasure while exerting my natural dominance in whatever I do.

One Important Tip Before Exploring A Fetish

When starting to explore a new fetish or kink, knowledge is key. I cannot express enough that you must gather enough info to be able to explore safely. There is no stupid question, just stupid people, in my opinion. I very much believe in learning from someone who has more knowledge on something before I explore on my own.

Misconceptions About Fetishes

Ignorance on a kink/fetish is the number one reason that people get talked down upon for liking certain things or wanting certain things done to them. The number one thing you hear is that people must be sick in the head for wanting certain things. What people don’t understand is we didn’t know what happened to that person to mould them like that.

Introducing A Fetish To Your Partner

The hardest part about introducing a partner to a new fetish is worrying about what they will think of you. I have learned that you have to introduce it slowly and to make any relationship last, you must be open minded yourself. You must be willing to alter or include things your partner wants. You cannot be selfish and just expect to get what you want all the time.

Serra La Roux – Modeling and acting everything from fetish to xxx. DM/email for customs or shoot requests.

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Serra La Roux

modeling and acting everything from fetish to xxx. dm/eml for customs or shoot rqsts.


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