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True Girlfriend Experience Benefits

Sex Ed

True Girlfriend Experience Benefits

I believe sex can be one of the truest forms of self-expression. It’s an artwork painted and sung by our mind, body and soul. It can leave us completely exposed and vulnerable, but can allow some great introspection into our own uniqueness as individuals.

My “sexual awakening”, as I like to call it, only began roughly two years ago. Its been an incredible journey! Not only have I rid myself of years of deeply internalized shame and body image issues, I have also discovered the incredible things my body can do. Sex and sex work have not only improved my self-esteem and confidence but have also broadened my mind to the ways it can heal and strengthen a person. It’s with that mind-set that I hope to share these experiences with others.

What Is The Girlfriend Experience?

The Girlfriend Experience can mean many things to clients as well as providers. This can create some confusion as to what the Girlfriend Experience truly means.

For myself, GFE is not about a certain set of services provided. But rather about creating a finely tuned and specific experience for each client I meet. This experience is intimate, much more than your average massage and happy ending. I like to get the chance to speak with each client before we meet. Common interests and some insight into someone’s personality allows me to provide a much more meaningful experience with each person. Sometimes these sessions will be more focused on light touches, teasing, cuddling and kissing. Other sessions might include specific outfits. The GND (Girl Next Door) look is very popular with clients looking for an authentic GFE.

Why Is The GFE Powerful?

I believe that the GFE can be a powerfully therapeutic and healing experience. Clients come to me for all sorts of reasons. They may not even know that the Girlfriend Experience was a service offered and have no idea that that is what they were looking for or needed in the first place. For example, I have met clients who suffer from anxiety, depression and self-esteem issues. The idea of finding a girlfriend may feel like a daunting if not impossible feat. In a session focused on GFE, I hope to build up a client’s confidence. Allow them to express themselves, their needs (sexual and emotional) and hopefully in time they can practice those skills outside the comfort zone of a session and into the world.

For some clients, it can be as simple as accommodating a busy lifestyle. Some clients may not have the time to pursue a relationship or maintain a healthy relationship. They may lack intimacy and connection in their private lives, so that’s where I come in! I can be the girlfriend they need, whether for an hour or five, or maybe even a weekend away. No strings attached, but more than just a physical encounter.

Misconceptions About The GFE

Misconception should probably be my middle name!

I hear a lot of providers and clients alike comment on how they believe GFE is unsafe. Many have the idea that a true GFE session allows for unprotected services. For myself, this couldn’t be further from the truth. I will always educate and advocate on safe sex, mutual consent and regular screening for STIs.

Preparation For A GFE Session

Like any session, I like to be in a good state of mind before meeting a client. I don’t want to bring my problems into that environment and allow it to transfer over to my clients.

I like to “leave my problems at the door” so to speak.

I feel that if I am mentally prepared before a session it allows me to be a better listener, to be more patient and understanding, and to empathize more in certain cases.

Second and just as important, hygiene! With the intimacy and closeness involved in my sessions I like to be as clean as possible. I like light scents, no heavy perfumes. Fresh breath and clean outfits. This obviously goes both ways. I very much appreciate a client who has been just as considerate in their grooming as I have. I will always offer to shower with my clients as well. Not only is it an enjoyable way to be close and allow for some fun exploration of each other’s bodies, but that extra fresh feeling is always pleasant as well. If you scrub my back, I’ll gladly scrub yours!

Cassie King – A MA working out of Paradise Spa/Angel’s Touch in Ottawa, ON Canada. She is a full-time student, avid reader and closet nerd. In her spare time, she enjoys meeting new dogs everywhere she goes, practicing dad-jokes and drinking too much coffee.

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Cassie King

Cassie King is a MA working out of Paradise Spa/Angel’s Touch in Ottawa, ON Canada. She is a full-time student, avid reader and closet nerd. In her spare time, she enjoys meeting new dogs everywhere she goes, practicing dad-jokes and drinking too much coffee.


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