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mrs Sexy – Under The Influence

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mrs Sexy – Under The Influence

In mrs. Sexy-Under the Influence, Juliet Adelaide continues her pursuit of sexual excitement and adventure.  Her original plan of becoming a hotwife has changed. She develops relationships with her lovers which were not part of the plan.  She becomes too involved with one, develops close friendships with others, and dabbles in new experiences which include her husband. The absurd turns that her life is taking become problematic but she is addicted to her new lifestyle.  Her marriage remains strong even though her behavior tests the boundaries of all the relationships in her life.

From Chapter 11 – The Games Continue

As I walked into the photographer’s studio, I am shocked that it’s really enormous. Ian and his business partners are creating a haven for local artists. It’s two stories and upstairs they are making a bar and lounge. There are all sorts of interesting props, light installations, and art in various rooms within the warehouse. I am advised that Ian is meeting his business associates for dinner, but it isn’t for a while. I am asked if someone should show early, can I say I’m the interior designer helping with colors for the rooms. OK. I’m led into one of the smaller rooms. There are various objects in the room that he may be using for photo shoots including a resort style massage table.

I am asked if I would like a massage. Absolutely. I am told to take my shoes off. He promptly reaches under my dress and pulls off my panties. He tells me that I should keep my dress on in case of surprise visitors in the warehouse. He remains fully dressed in a really nice button up dress shirt and nice jeans. I lay down on my stomach and he starts massaging my shoulders. I make a remark about this being a nice way to spend a Friday afternoon. He starts to massage my feet and legs. He tells me that today is all about me. He advises me that since he first met me at a coffee social a couple of weeks ago, he just wanted to touch me.

I am massaged for quite a while. Maybe twenty minutes in, he pulls my dress up around my waist. His fingers begin to gently massage my pussy. I have my face still in the massage table hole and turn to look at him. He touches my head and makes me put my face back down. He tells me just to enjoy. He continues to rub my pussy. He grazes my asshole and slips his fingers inside my cunt . He begins to rub quicker realizing I am nearing orgasm. I gently moan as I cum stretched out on the massage table. Now I know why men always joke about a happy ending with a massage. It’s quite an experience.

He kneels down in front of my face and kisses me. I ask if I could suck his cock for him. He reiterates that it’s supposed to be about me today, but he can’t refuse a little tease. His pants are undone as I am still lying on the table. I start to stroke and suck his cock. He moans a bit and jokes that he knows why I write about sucking cock a lot. He only allows me to do this a few minutes before backing away and telling me to turn over. He pulls me to the edge of the table and begins licking my clit. He is quite skilled. I am enjoying his tongue as he also uses his fingers to trace the opening of my pussy. I am fondled and licked by this attractive, fully dressed photographer.   He senses my growing arousal and really puts his whole face into my pussy. He seems so into it and it feels so good. His mouth and tongue are quickening in pace and enthusiasm. I cum again and start writhing on the table.

He asks if he can put a condom on for a little taste of being inside me. I agree and am slid, sitting up, on the table to the edge of it. He kisses me as he enters and starts to fuck me.  I see his eyes close as he gently moans. He pulls out and asks me to turn over onto my stomach. He enters me again and fucks me harder from behind as I stretch my arms out in front of me grabbing the edge of the table as I’m fucked. He stops abruptly and reminds me that it’s about me today. He pitches the condom in the trash and does up his pants. He goes back to massaging me a bit. He asks if I will be able to see him again. He hopes soon when perhaps we can have more time. He kisses me as I remain stretched out on my back on the table. We laugh as I’m getting up, and we notice my pussy juice mark on the bottom of his nice dress shirt. He says he forgot to bring a change of clothes, and he guesses part of me will be joining him for dinner. As I drive home, I wonder why I can’t move on from Max.

I tell my husband details of the story when I arrive home.  He is happy that I had a good time.  We have the night off and an odd night out planned.  We are going to a rope tying party.  We were just going as voyeurs.  You could participate or just watch couples tie each other up into elaborate designs.  Sexual art.  It’s held at a local hotel.  It seems very odd to pay to go watch naked and half naked people tied up to, what can only be described as, playground equipment.  There are other various games including electro therapy orgasm table, various fetishes and paddles.  Mostly it was couples tying the girl up to metal bars, often totally suspended and really quite interesting. We chat with a couple of people we had met before and some new people. My hubby is inspired when we get home.

He gets out a combination of leather and metal cuffs that connect to one another.  I am blindfolded and told to lay naked on my stomach.  My ankles and wrists each receive a special cuff.  Those all pull back and attach to one another as I am essentially hogtied on my bed.  I thought that it would be really uncomfortable and awkward.  As he reached his fingers underneath me to play with my pussy as I was tied up, I had different opinions.  I was very aware of things and it made me ultra sensitive to touch. He tickled and rubbed my body.  He put his cock in my mouth for a bit and then slides my vibrator under me until I am cumming and writhing still hogtied on the bed.  He undid me and told me to get on my knees as he fucked me hard and came deep within me.  He collapsed onto me and held me for a while.  It had been an extraordinary day.

Juliet Adelaide – Juliet Adelaide has a Bachelor’s degree in Humanities and Culture from Arizona State University. She started dating her husband at the young age of 17. They lived together while she attended college and often even worked at the same jobs. They are a devoted couple who only recently opened their marriage to new sexual experiences. “mrs Sexy-Under the Influence” is Juliet’s second book, and she takes you through all of the most personal moments of her adventures.

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Images courtesy of Juliet Adelaide

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Juliet Adelaide

Juliet Adelaide has a Bachelor's degree in Humanities and Culture from Arizona State University. She started dating her husband at the young age of 17. They lived together while she attended college and often even worked at the same job. After they were married, they spent all of their free time traveling with a particular love of France. They are a devoted couple who only recently opened their marriage to new sexual experiences. "mrs Sexy" is Juliet's first book, and she takes you through all of the most personal moments of her adventures in becoming a hotwife. She has completed two sequels in the series "mrs Sexy- Under the Influence" and "mrs Sexy- It's Complicated". She will soon release the three books together as "The mrs Sexy Chronicles."


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