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The Secret Life Of A Hotwife (Chapter 14) – Safety


The Secret Life Of A Hotwife (Chapter 14) – Safety

Ever wondered what really happens on a hot girls’ night out? Meet Juliet Adelaide and her friends in The Secret Life of a Hotwife as they drive into the sassy world in this no-holds barred account of a hotwife’s lifestyle, and uncover all you’ve ever wanted to know, from the sensual and provocative to the risque and unspeakable.

Based on the steamy real-life experience of Juliet Adelaide, author of The Mrs Sexy Chronicles, this exclusive first-hand account of her exploration of sexual freedom and insight into the life of a hotwife will leave you begging for more.

Chapter 14 Teaser – Safety

Julie posed a question about how to handle men who say they hate condoms or won’t use them. Kristin said just don’t fuck them. That’s one way of course but I had dealt with this a few times myself. I found a compromise that usually made men happy. I would inform lovers that they have to use a condom for intercourse but if they preferred to cum elsewhere on me, they could. A few of my lovers Mark, Robbie and Tanner preferred this. Have fun with foreplay, fuck me, and then remove the condom when they are nearing orgasm. I would stroke them or they would stroke themselves to cum on my face, my ass, my boobs, whatever their personal preference. Kristin said that she doesn’t like that because it seems degrading to her. I told them that I really enjoy it. It makes me feel sexy and I get a different view of the male orgasm. Julie agreed with me. She liked it too and told us that it felt empowering in a way despite the fact that the idea seemed degrading. It’s all dependent on talking to your sexual partner. If you can’t talk openly with them about all factors in your sex life as a couple, it probably won’t last long as a relationship.

One of the other factors was to protect against pregnancy with condom use as well. I had my tubes tied some months back, but most women, hotwives or not, need to protect themselves. Julie told us that she’s on the pill and used condoms with the men she’s been with. Unwanted pregnancies were her primary reason for using condoms. The men she saw tended to be boyfriends but none of them were father material in her mind and that was her greatest fear. You can’t always trust men when they say they’re clean and that they always pull out in time to make sure you don’t get pregnant. Michelle laughed. Her daughter was conceived on a night that her husband pulled out. They used to just do that as birth control some years ago. She told us how she was shocked to find out she was pregnant but her doctor informed her that pre-cum can contain sperm and even a bit at the entrance to the vagina can in fact make its way up and fertilize a woman’s eggs. Her husband has since gotten a vasectomy but she definitely agreed that she didn’t know how risky pulling out was as a birth control method.

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Juliet Adelaide has a Bachelor’s degree in Humanities and Culture from Arizona State University. She started dating her husband at the age of 17 and they were monogamous for 25 years. They are a devoted couple who only recently opened their marriage to new sexual experiences allowing Juliet to become a hotwife.

“mrs Sexy” is the witty, erotic and true story of her experiences with this new polyamorous lifestyle. Juliet, (aka Mrs Sexy), takes you through the most personal moments of her romantic and sexual adventures.

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Juliet Adelaide

Juliet Adelaide has a Bachelor's degree in Humanities and Culture from Arizona State University. She started dating her husband at the young age of 17. They lived together while she attended college and often even worked at the same job. After they were married, they spent all of their free time traveling with a particular love of France. They are a devoted couple who only recently opened their marriage to new sexual experiences. "mrs Sexy" is Juliet's first book, and she takes you through all of the most personal moments of her adventures in becoming a hotwife. She has completed two sequels in the series "mrs Sexy- Under the Influence" and "mrs Sexy- It's Complicated". She will soon release the three books together as "The mrs Sexy Chronicles."


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