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Having Sexual Relations With My Nephew – Part 2


Having Sexual Relations With My Nephew – Part 2

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On the second week of January, I got a call from my nephew, He asked me if I would mind giving him a lift to his College. He was late for a class and had an appointment near my office. I was on my way to meet someone and said yes, no problem.

So if everything’s fine with you, I’ll take you in 15 minutes

From my office, it’s nearly a good 20 minutes ride to get to his College. I’ll have plenty of time to chat with my nephew. After all the small introduction talk, I went straight to the point and said.

Remember our business meeting during the Holidays?” For sure he remembered it!

It’s time to see if my business strategies worked fine with you! Unzipped your pants and show me that big cock.

He freaked out a little bit. But he said, “Right now? In the car? Aunty, you’re fucking hot!

I answered promptly, “Don’t swear in my car! When it’ll be the time to talk dirty, I’ll tell you. Right? Good. Now let’s come back to some serious business and give it a good stroke while I’m driving. You’ve 20 minutes before we arrived at your College. So have fun!” Omg! This young guy is so amazing. He didn’t argue, just did what I told him to do.

I always wear long opera gloves when I drive my car. It’s like that. I’m a Classy lady, remember it. So I began to caress his cock with one finger.  Up and down the shaft. Slowly. Smoothly. I did some little circles on top of his knob, making him feel the smooth leather. He was jerking hard now.

Then he asked me if he could talk dirty to me. He said “You’re naughty!” I answered, “Only naughty?” And I laughed! And firmly grabbed his manhood and said that I could be more than naughty sometimes. And I took control of everything.

Saying that I am a naughty lady bitch who loves young hard cock in her hand. That also, I am a dirty slut who enjoys driving his nephew to his College while he touches his cock for me. But that he also has to cum before we arrive at our destination. He instantly started to stroke his cock hard and furiously fast, and he took my hand around his shaft. Then I kept talking dirty. I told him that I was a dirty whore who loveed to feel a cock and wanted him to cum all over her leather gloves. A slutty aunt who likes her nephew jerking for her. A nasty cum lover.

He went crazy seeing me act this way.

He even told me that he talked about the Christmas’s Eve hand job I gave him to his friends and that all the guys wanted to see me at their next bachelor party and cum all over my body. I let his cock down and unbuttoned my leather coat and put one finger on my nipples. I pinched the hell of my nipples to make them hard. If you take a look at some of my pics I post regularly on Twitter, you know that I’m well-known to have the one and only most attractive nipples on the Net

He was ready to cum. I said no way, you wouldn’t come right now. You’ve to wait and hold. I wanted him to cum in the parkway of his College. This was what I was planning since the beginning of the ride.

He slowed down and I took his hand and made him touch my skin. Pinched my erect nipples. Then he wanted to moved to my pussy. I stopped him. Forbidden territory! But I put my hand-leathered gloves on my pussy and made him suck my fingers

We were near the College at this point and said, “Shoot all your good sperm all over my leather gloves now. Because I don’t to have my car spoiled with your juice.

Here it goes!

He came hard in my car, his hard cock out of his pants after a 20 minute ride to his College. We entered the parkway, a couple of students were down walking the driveway while he was shooting all his cum in my hands. Awesome I must say! I stopped the car in front of the principals’ door. Then I took my leather gloves full of his cum up to my chin and spread it all over my lips as if it was some red lipstick. Then I give him a tender kiss on his cheeks and said, “Hope you enjoyed the ride with me nephew and have a nice day!“. I put his cock back in his pants and opened the door. Then I added, “Perhaps you could consider rewarding me after my good advice on your business strategies. You know that I’ve high scaling royalties as a financial counselor? Close the door!

…and I went back to my office. I’ve some real work to do before the end of the day. The market’s always running fast!

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Classy Lady Eve – A 50 year old Canadian Milf and businesswoman who does entertaining her fans on Twitter with 140 characters or less and some glamour pics. Known as the one and only most attractive nipples on the Net, she teamed up with her hubby in 2007 and started producing classy style looks and explicit adult content pictres and videos. Life’s full of surprises and she’s now sharing us her most recent experiences here. Some are real and sometimes… Enjoy! Follow her at Twitter @ClassyLadyEve

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