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Having Sexual Relations With My Nephew


Having Sexual Relations With My Nephew

As a 51 year-old MILF, I must admit that getting some attentions from younger guys AND women becomes easily a real turn on. Not that it has to end in some sort of sexual frantic adventures. I’m an adult, but nobody can resist to be the center of someones’ interest. That was what happened recently. So, let’s dive into the details.

It all started on a family party on Christmas’ Eve. If you read my first interview here, you know that my husband and I have some particular sexual tastes. We like to tease people. …and each other, that I’m a huge fan of Betty Page, that my husband likes to do photoshoots of me and makes me become a MILF who turns into a slut sometimes. So… here it goes!

Photo: Lady Eve Classy

I went to the bathroom on this Christmas party and noticed that one of my nephews was following me. Nothing strange with the kind of dress I was wearing. Not outrageous. But only classy, tight-skin-type look and blue. Not red! High heels as usual. 5 1/2 inches. Not too high for me, I can wear much higher ones. And then, he bumped into me before I entered the room, directly to my 34D breasts. I smiled. Said sorry. He was really shy. He blushed like a tomato. I knew that he wasn’t an accident. I noticed throughout the night that he stared at my curves, and maybe add some naughty thoughts too, a couple of couples of drinks, I guess he wasn’t that shy now.

But he went straight to the point. He told me that he had a crush on me.

Omg! i can’t believe it!“, said the little naughty voice in my head (Lol!)

I feinted that I was upset and said that he couldn’t say something like this to his aunt. That I’ll tell his mother and blah, blah, blah!

Then he took his cock out of his pants and started to stroke it fast. I stopped him and he froze right there thinking I was ready to slap his face. But hey! It is not every Christmas party that we can have some kind of unusual action where your nephew jerks his dick like a mad rabbit over you? I saved his life by moving him into the bathroom instead to have this young dude stroke his cock in the middle of hallway.

Then the fun started. And I said, “What are you going to do?” He now realized the whole situation.

I took his balls in my hands and start caressing him and giving some gentle strokes. And I started talking to him. I told him that I was a nice lady and certainly not a whore whose hubby pushed her to act this way, to wear slutty dresses and heels doesn’t mean that I’ve to tease my nephew and jerk him off. That my dress’s so tight that I’ve to pop out my tits and nipples in front of his face.

Saying this I took control of everything by stroking real fast with his cock and balls, rubbing my ass against his cock like a stripper. Up and down his shaft slowly, whispering to him that I was so horny!

He tried to touch my pussy but I stopped him and said that he had to understand that I was the boss and I’d decide when he should cum. Finally he couldn’t be able to stand the pressure anymore and I let him come in my hand.

My God! What a blast! Wow! I’ve to clean all the mess he did in my hands so I looked straight into his eyes, and caressed my tits and my breasts with every drop of his cum and massaged them slowly. He couldn’t believe it! He tried to touch them, I slapped his hands and said, “Look, don’t touch, young man.

I whispered to him that now I’ll be his favorite aunt who likes expensive clothes, luxury dresses and heels and he has to take care of me! He was so confused. He didn’t think for a second that he wasn’t dreaming but was experiencing a full reality, that he unloaded his balls on his Aunt. He started to say that he felt guilty, and was sorry, that he was a little bit tipsy and so on. So cute! MILF control and female supremacy are words that are so appealing to me. But, honestly, I knew that he enjoyed every minutes of it.

Finally, I pushed him out of the bathroom, went to pee, rubbed my clit a bit, went back to the party, and told the whole story to my husband.

But I’m not done yet…

There’s a second part to this story. See you soon!

Classy Lady Eve – A 50 year old Canadian Milf and businesswoman who does entertaining her fans on Twitter with 140 characters or less and some glamour pics. Known as the one and only most attractive nipples on the Net, she teamed up with her hubby in 2007 and started producing classy style looks and explicit adult content pictres and videos. Life’s full of surprises and she’s now sharing us her most recent experiences here. Some are real and sometimes… Enjoy! Follow her at Twitter @ClassyLadyEve

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