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The Ultimate Brain SEX for HER

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The Ultimate Brain SEX for HER

He captivated me with his words telling me how sexy I was, how sweet my lips tasted as he lightly swept his hand down my side. “Lay still”, he said as he spread my legs and teased my inner thighs with his kisses. “Close your eyes and lay on your back, arch your back for me so I can look at your sexy body”, he said with authority. As I did that, he ran his hand from my foot up between my legs parting them even wider as he softly teased my inner thighs, and kissing my swollen clitoris. I could feel my entire body shaking at this point, wet with anticipation and a longing for him to command me what to do next with his words.

There is nothing sexier than a man with a BIG brain that knows how to use it to turn his partner on. Brain sex can be the ultimate tease for a woman and a sexual advantage for a man that knows just what to say. It is no secret that women get turned on by sexy stories, as any book store can attest to this—just take a gander down the romance isles. Many of these books written for women about romance defiantly have an element of what others may deem as soft porn. With this knowledge at any man’s finger tips, you would think that almost all men have gathered these books, researched them and tried them out on their partners. If it was that easy, every man would have women melting in their hand … RIGHT?

The most difficult task though is how and when you deliver these sexy words to her. Timing and delivery is everything, this is why turning popular books such as 50 Shades of Grey and the Twilight saga from book to screen lost some of its sex appeal. The trick is to know your partner. Each woman is unique in her response to brain SEX and tapping into her sexomoter is the first step. A man that delivers his sexy words with confidence is going to be quite different than a man saying the same words without confidence. Choosing the right moment is as important when you have her full attention and this can be done with a simple text a couple times during the day. As the sun goes down, teasing her as to what you have planned to do to her later that evening will leave her with anticipation. Mental foreplay is a caveat to brain SEX. Lastly, once you have her full attention you can also place a blindfold on her eyes while she listens to you telling her what you want her to do, without any visual distraction. Testing out your techniques on her is part of the fun as well as trying new ways to stimulate her brain leading ultimately to mind blowing sex for the both of you.

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Dawn Michael is a Certified Clinical Sexologist and Intimacy Counselor. Her proven techniques have helped thousands of couples to not only improve their sex lives but the intimacy in their marriage as well. Read the rest of her profile below!

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Dr. Dawn Michael

Dawn is a Certified Clinical Sexologist and Intimacy Counselor. Her proven techniques have helped thousands of couples to not only improve their sex lives but the intimacy in their marriage as well. Promoting healthy sexuality and sex positive views for couples and individuals is one of Dawn’s passions. Dawn uses a holistic approach with her patients providing help with sexual dysfunction, age related sexual health, lack of desire and hormone related issues, working with other practitioners to find solutions to all sexual related problems.

Dawn is a public speaker and educator providing information on women’s and men’s sexual health issues. She is a professional member of the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) and The Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality (SSSS). Dawn is presently completing her doctoral studies at The Institute For Advanced Study of Human Sexuality.

A professional writer with several hundred published articles in the field of human sexuality, relationships, and sexual health. She has been a featured guest on the Ricki Lake show, Dr. Susan Block show, Playboy Radio, Howard Bragman radio, Houzz publications, Corset Magazine, Your Health Connection Magazine, PsychCentral, eHarmoney, Wellness and YourTango to name a few. Dawn is a writer for the L.A. Love & Marriage Examiner.

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