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Sexy Reads – Inbound for Pleasure

Sexy Reads

Sexy Reads – Inbound for Pleasure

Kierra Foster lives in constant fear. Anxiety has consumed her for the last four years. She cannot stand to be touched, not even by her loving father. She checks the locks on every door and window at least twice a day. She works, eats and sleeps, with no social life, and she’s tired of living that way.

All that changes on the day that Chandler Thorne steps into the restaurant where she works, and sits at her table. He sees more in her than she sees in herself. He knows just how to peel back the layers of her outer shell, to help her discover who she is, and who she wants to be. He promises her everything, except forever. He’s not cut out to do marriage and family. She will never be more to him than his current project, a new submissive in a long string of submissives. He will dominate her, but he cannot love her.

She wonders if she can accept his terms without breaking her heart. Will she learn enough that when the time comes, she can let him go?



My alarm rings. I open my eyes and rub them a minute as I adjust to the morning light. I throw my legs over the side of the bed and sit there staring at the bathroom door across the hall. I dangle for a few more minutes. God, I really hate mornings. Just as I’m almost confident enough to get up, I hear the unfamiliar sound of a phone ringing. What the hell? I don’t have a phone. I follow the sound to my sweater pocket lying on the counter.

“Hello?” I answer with confusion.

“Miss Foster, I trust you had a goodnight’s sleep,” a husky voice on the other end replies.

I hang up quickly. This is worse than a dream. This is a downright nightmare. The foreign object rings again.

“Is this some sort of sick joke? Who is this?” I snap, trying to find some courage.

“Miss Foster, Chandler Thorne here. I want to see you.” The confidence in his voice is almost petrifying.

“How the…” I can’t think. “Did someone put you up to this?”

“I had assistance, yes.”

“Why? I don’t know you.”

“I like your spark. I will pick you up in an hour.” He hangs up. I struggle with the touch screen trying to find out how to call him back. Finally, I figure it out.

“I’ll be at work in an hour. Have a good day, Mr. Thorne.” I bravely hang up. I hold down the button on the top until it asks me if I want to power down. Yes, I answer the device.

Who the hell does this guy think he is? If most days my fear level is a five, right now it is a ten.

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Image courtesy of Mindy Taylor

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My name is Mindy Taylor and I’ve spent my entire life living in New England. As a teenager I read historical romances passed down from my mom and nana, and fell in love with the genre. I began writing my first book at twenty as a hobby and to date I still have not finished it. I am married to my biggest fan and we have two young, wonderful children. We enjoy travelling and making memories that will last a lifetime. I began writing the Bound series as a challenge to myself and to cross a finished novel off my bucket list! I am excited for you to read and enjoy my works of creativity!


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