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5 Rules to Observe To Enhance a Relationship


5 Rules to Observe To Enhance a Relationship

A rule of thumb for anyone to bring within and focus on while involved in a romantic relationship is always the presence of an understanding, love, care and support. There are all sorts of couples out there, the ones who never fight because one of the two usually stays quiet and compromises, the ones who always fights no matter where they are whether it’s a friend’s wedding or in their bedroom; they just don’t tend to quit arguing and the ones who fake their relationship as extremely lovey dovey in front of others but in reality they’re like real life enemies by sharing a sense of strong enmity amongst each other. However, no matter how varied someone’s relationship might be from the other but they share one thing in common which is the significant stability and instability amongst them.

So if you find yourself going through a rocky and bumpy relationship and want stability between you and your partner/ spouse then ask them questions, try different ways in which they’d feel happy about the relationship they’re in and most importantly communicate. Communication between partners is important because that’s how they solve problems together and get tied in a securely attached relationship. Some other rules to achieve a stable relationship are listed below as well.

  1. Say a Big NO to the BLAME GAME

As Taylor Swift says, ‘and the blame is on me’, well no! The blame should neither be on you and neither on your partner. While going through a rocky phase in a relationship one always relies on a statement saying, ‘this is the trouble within you.’ Consequently, that’s where you enter into a much troublesome phase because you make the other person feel that they’re good for nothing and whatever they did for you in the past meant nothing to you. Girls, never do that! It hurts a man’s feelings real bad and leaves a scar in his heart against you. Moreover, couples always rely on the blame game in order to hold the other one responsible and that seems very convenient for the time being but it creates never ending problems. So if you need an escape towards a steady and happy relationship then,

  • Take the responsibility of not blaming them or yourself.
  • Work to make them happy towards a more peaceful open-relationship.
  • Make them feel so good that they want to turn to you when in problem and look for solace in your arms.
  • Begin to create a relationship which you want by expecting nothing in return and that’s how you’ll eventually get everything you were longing for from your partner.


  1. Bond by Sweet Gestures

If you’re looking for ways to enhance your relationship by creating a stronger bond with your partner then is prepared to touch them through your sweet words and gestures. You can do this by getting up before them in order to make them morning or tea or wait for them when they’re back from work and have dinner together. Moreover, once you begin to do this your partner will feel loved and consequently will subliminally start to return back the same amount of love or even more. Dear readers, learn to promote your partner by giving them extra love and attention. Consequently, all of this will lead to a much better connection between you and your partner. You can begin by,

  • Sitting with them and embracing them with sincere love.
  • Appreciating them and their work.
  • Dressing up for them and making them feel important.
  • Leaving behind small notes of love for them.


  1. Make Frequent Gifting of Expressions of Love

By gifting, I certainly don’t only mean the material expensive gifts like Diamond bands and Rado watches but sweet little expressions and tokens of love which can be anything in relevance to what your partner prefers, likes and expects of you. Gifting over here is all about one’s thought reflection regarding love, admiration and emotional value rather than anything material or lavish. Moreover, always is playful with your partner because that’s how there will be a light and loving relationship between you and your better half. You can always begin expressing your love by,

  • Singing a romantic song for them.
  • Recording an exclusive romantic video for them.
  • Writing something romantic for them.


  1. Make Your Partner Feel Important

You should at all times practice this trait. Make them feel how much they matter to you, appreciate them, be there for them when they need you, love them in times of distress and stand by them when they call out to you. Moreover, deliberately mention those things to them which they do for you out of pure love such as, taking you out for dinner once a week, cleaning the house if you’re working long or even making you green tea after dinner and just sitting down and chatting with you. Tell all of this to them, tell them how much all of it means to you and it will surely boost them up more and they’d want to do more than before. Furthermore, when you begin doing this you’ll make them feel important and they’ll feel that they play a crucial part in your life which you don’t take for granted even a bit. You can even,

  • Leave thank you notes for them.
  • Text them an ‘I love you’ while they’re at work.
  • Give them a call in the middle of the day.
  • All of this will definitely spice up things for the better in your relationship.


  1. You Need to Forgive and Forget

If you really want to work for the relationship you’re a part of then learn to forgive and forget. However, it clearly doesn’t mean that you let your partner take advantage of your kindness but for the sake of a second chance let go off their mistakes and start over with a new, positive and happy approach. Moreover, once you forgive them you’ll be at peace yourself and they’ll respect you even more.



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