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Sexy Reads – Five Delights

Sexy Reads

Sexy Reads – Five Delights

1 Woman, 5 Men. 1 day, 5 Ways.

Skye Edwards likes sex. Always has. Always will. So when she decides that it’s finally time to fulfil a fantasy of the most delightfully wicked nature, you can be sure it’s going to be more than vanilla sex.

When she arrives for her day of sexual delights, Skye is presented with ten, bare chested, low-slung denim jean wearing men, the spark of desire ignites inside of her, turning her excitement into heated arousal.

​Although she has no idea what her lovers have planned for her, Skye knows she is in for five completely different sexual experiences that will live in her memory for a lifetime.

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“Come here, dolcezza.”

And then there it is…the beautiful sound of Marco deliberately thickening his Italian accent to caress his words. A flutter awakens in my belly, damn…this man knows how to play dirty. This is my Marco. My friend, my confidant and sometimes fuck buddy, when we have an itch to scratch.  And along with Mason, our colleague and my housemate, the three of us are peas in a pod.

I rise and walk the few steps into his open arms, resting my head against the hard muscles in his chest, as his large body wraps around mine.  He is warm, and smells good too. Always does. Here in his arms is my safe haven. A place where I am accepted for who I am, no matter what.

“Perfetto in ogni modo,” he mutters quietly in my ear.

I really, really, need to learn Italian.

A shiver steals over my body, as Marco’s large hands leave my hips and glide their way along my spine, up towards my nape. His soft fingertips dance along my jaw line, rising to capture the sides of my face, as gentle kisses circle my lips. When I finally open my mouth to his, he devours me. On and on the kiss goes, tongues darting in and out, teeth grazing my lips, stealing my breath from me until the pressure in my chest is almost suffocating, and I pull away.

Marco turns me around and I lean against him, feeling his hard cock nestle against my lower back. He guides my arms behind me so that my hands cup his growing erection. I squeeze him gently, embracing his rigid cock. He is so much more than a handful.

“Close your eyes, angel. Let me remind you of who you are.”

Oh, yes please!

His fingers glide down my neck and move to the top of my dress. “Have I ever told you how much I love this dress on you?  This long zip, running all the way down the front, is such a turn on. I bet every man who looks at you wants to unzip it, lusting to discover what is hiding underneath.” His fingertips begin to pull downwards on the metal clasp, opening my dress up to expose my red lacy bra. “Ah, beautiful girl, I love this colour on you. It’s so fucking sexy it makes my cock throb.”

I close my eyes and rest my head against his shoulder, as Marco cups my breasts. Fingers splay towards the scalloped edge of my lace bra, pulling it away to expose my hardened nipples beneath. Heat floods my body, and I groan as he rolls each of the tight nipples between two fingers.

“You don’t play fair, Marco.”

“I know…but you like it that way.”

I smile my agreement, and lean in to kiss the smooth skin under his jaw, drawing a quiet moan from deep within his chest. With my tongue I explore the surface of his tanned skin, nibbling on the raised muscle at the side of his neck. With each gentle bite, I squeeze my hands around his cock, dragging my nails over the surface of the soft cotton of his pants. I can play dirty too.

“I see that this party has already started without me.”

With a startled gasp I open my eyes to see Mason standing before us. A sly smile on his face. Obviously they had this planned all along. I wouldn’t be too surprised if they were responsible for breaking the water pipe too.

“Sorry mate, couldn’t wait any longer. Angel needed some…um…counselling.” Marco replied with a husky chuckle. He reaches to open the front clasp on my bra, moulding his hands around my breasts, lifting them, offering them up to Mason.

“Well, luckily for angel, I can help with that too.” Mason confirms as he pulls my zipper all the way down, opening my dress up completely.

I close my eyes, resting my head back into the crook of Marco’s shoulder, knowing that this is exactly what I want…what I need.

As he kneels before me, Mason’s strong fingers grab at my underwear, sliding them down over my hips towards the floor, where he raises one heeled foot at a time, removing the scrap of red lace completely. He stands, and his cool wet lips capture one of my nipples, then the other. The gentle bite of his teeth pulls each tiny peak higher, away from my breast. Taking my areola into his mouth he bites me harder, releasing ribbons of pleasurable pain that ripple down through my body. The familiar warmth and wetness of arousal fills my pussy.

“Please,” the word escapes deep from within my parched throat.

“Tell us what you want, angel.” Marco asks, his beautiful voice now sounding strained and husky.

“Fuck me. I want you to fuck me.”

“Oh, such naughty words from that sweet, sweet mouth of yours.” Marco’s reply rumbles through his chest, sending vibrations along my back and his hot breath down over my breasts.

Mason melds his body hard against mine. The pressure of his erection weighs heavily against my mound as he pushes me further back against Marco’s cock, where it lies still nestled in my palms. As Mason’s lips caress my mouth and Marco’s the side of my neck, both of them gently thrust their groins against me. I sigh, surrendering to their erotic stimulation.

With a frustrated growl Mason stops moving his hips. I open my eyes wide and stare at him with breathless confusion.

“Today is meant to be for you sweetheart, not Marco and me…and if we keep on doing this, I am going to cum in my pants like some horny kid. Now what fun would that be for you?”

My inner minx smiles at me, knowing exactly how much fun it would be to see them both lose control.

“Tell us what you need, angel.”

I close my eyes, waiting for my breath to steady, and think about what it is I want…and need…today. Light kisses still rain down upon my mouth and neck, and although the thrusting has stopped, I can still feel their hard cocks sandwiching me tightly between them.

“I want it hard and fast. I don’t want to have to think…just…do whatever you want.”

“Then hold tight sweetheart, you are in for one hell of a ride.” Mason whispers into my ear.

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Image courtesy of DJ Prewer

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DJ Prewer

DJ Prewer is a lover of reading and always has a book close at hand. Although she loves nothing better than to snuggle down with an actual book (one with paper pages), she has embraced the digital era with gusto. It is rumoured that her iPad contains more books than a small library. She has a particular love of historical romances, castles, history, military, and erotica.


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