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Sexy Reads – Forbidden

Sexy Reads

Sexy Reads – Forbidden

“Bestselling Romance Author Kiki Howell provides a taste of the sun, sand, waves, and a certain sexy as hell male body no woman in their right mind could resist, in this mainstream romance novella. Take a cruise with Forbidden and meet Mr. Tall, Dark and Mysterious as he provides Samantha with her greatest adventure yet, in the bedroom and out.”


When the door clicked behind her, his body moved to hers like a magnet. His strong hands rubbed down her back, over flesh and then material, to stop just above her ass. He pulled her against him, fierce, showing a loss of control that excited her. Looking up, her heart feeling like it was in her stomach made the butterflies there flutter with more determination. His hair, now free of the rubber band, framed his face with silky curls. One wild and unruly section of strands covered his left eye, while several others fell over his right shoulder. Jacket and tie already gone, the open buttons of his dress shirt revealed the chiseled muscles of his chest she’d already imprinted in her mind.

“Can I kiss you?” he growled, the gravely tone of his voice savage and wonderfully unsettling.

The serious lines etched in his face broke for a second into an unconscious smirk before relaxing back into their natural state of tempestuous scrutiny, like he was on the edge of some fantastic discovery. At this moment, she knew he wanted to explore her. The knowledge of that fact sent a cool shiver down her spine, one soon doused by the heat rapidly building in her core.

When words failed her, his brows furrowed, his lush, black lashes semi-covered the stormy look in his eyes. She steadied her hand by running her finger over the course hair of his moustache. Following the thin trail of hair past his lips to his chin, she settled on the small patch just below his bottom lip. A perfect triangle within a perfect square, the hair tickled her fingers, alighting every nerve ending until she throbbed, wondering how his face would feel rubbing over the sensitive skin of her mound.

His blood-red lips open again, this time his mouth fell into a full smile. She dared to touch his lips, finding the skin warm and soft. Still grinning at her like a tiger about to devour prey, something primal and maybe even sinister lurking in small upturn of his lips, she startled when he nipped at her finger.

“You’re stalling, denying yourself. Why?” he questioned, his voice deep and sultry, devouring her senses.

She merely shrugged, letting her other hand fall to the hard lines of his shoulders, and then drop to the dip at the base of his neck. This move kept her hands from rubbing over the chill running over her arms. Her shawl, now a puddle on the floor, didn’t have that much to do with the intense shivers crawling over her skin.

“I scare you?” He frowned, his voice deeper than usual. “I can see it in your eyes.”

“In the best way,” she finally got out. “I wasn’t lying when I said I’d never been with someone like you. Stormy. Untamed. Strong. Dark… I don’t know how to put it. The mystery you are to me, rich kid, but not spoiled, smart and strong, intense and loving. I don’t know what kind of lover you’ll be. I guess that excites me as much as terrifies me.”

“I’ve no chains to tie you to the bed with, though, if you’re expecting that, I could surely improvise such a thing.” He laughed, a slight sound that resonated a playful hint at the base nature of violence.

“With thoughts of dark overlords or the mafia when I look at you, I can’t say some capture fantasy hasn’t snuck through my mind. Whatever you do, don’t treat me like some breakable woman, this faerie or angel you’ve spoken of.”

“The faeries and angels I create are badass, tough, able to take on the roughest, most rogue of warriors.”

“Good to know,” she got out, despite the hitch in her breathing.

He moved her hand, still on his face, to the side as he leaned in to kiss her. Brutish at first, his lips pressed to hers in that intoxicating line between pleasure and pain. His hand moved up to curl into her hair, grasp a handful and use it to tug her head back, gaining him more access, leaving her more exposed to his wiles.

His lips and teeth scraped down over her chin to her neck, feasting there until she felt he’d take a chunk out of her flesh. Instead, he nibbled. He sucked. He licked over the red and warm skin he’d created.

She grabbed at his arms to hold herself upright, his muscles bunched under her palms. Her fingers tried to dig in, to hold on, but there was no give to the sinewy mass of man she had hold of. As if he sensed her plight, his free arm circled her, pressed her against his body, holding her upright as her shaky legs failed to support her.

A curvy, lightly muscled woman, she felt light in his grip. What she had of female softness melted up against all his rugged edges. And then, he let her go. With a shake of his head, he stepped back from her until he stepped out of the shadows of the entryway into the light of the bedroom. Standing up straight, his shoulders squared, and his feet planted firmly on the ground in an open stance. He appeared to be holding himself back from the verge of attack. With determined movements, he reached out for her hands and lured her further into the room.

The sliding glass door on the far side of his cabin stood open. Another broken rule, the sign on the door posted that due to air-conditioning with central controls the doors to the decks had to remain closed to conserve energy. The sound of the water rushing against the fast moving ship added to the sense of danger that hadn’t let go of her, had kept her pulse racing since she’d started toward this forbidden room.

“May I?’ His hands toyed with the straps of her dress.

“No,” she answered, her shaky voice now steady. She’d found an allure in standing up for herself, taking what she wanted, too, in the face of such a beast. She’d never backed down before, never relinquished control, and she didn’t want to start now. She wanted not to tame this beast, but to control him like a trainer would, with respect for the danger the animal posed, while admiring the beauty of his wild strength.

“I’m sorry,” he spoke, his voice so deep she could barely make out the words.

“Don’t be. You first,” she demanded, standing up straighter herself.

“I see.” He huffed, a twinkle in his darkening eyes.

“No, I want to see.” She smirked.

Closing the gap between them, she took to unbuttoning his shirt the rest of the way. Moving her hands over his broad shoulders she pushed the silk aside, let it fall to the floor. He stood like some statue of a Greek god come to life, only with a light bronze skin tone and the sharp lines of black tattoos. Up his arm, from wrist to bicep, the jagged lines appeared like flames. Softer and shorter versions of the same aimed downward from his shoulder, more flames in a war with the first, battling it out for space over the bulging of his arm muscles.

This same look of fire licked around his six-pack abs, framing them, but never letting the ink mark an inch of the perfect definition of his waist. That illustrious v-taper of muscle that stood out just about the waist of his pants had ink on the left side only, dark flames that came from under his pants, followed the definition of his trim hips. His belt pulled tight, remained the only reason they were still on.

“More,” she demanded, her arms rigid at her sides.

“Feisty. I like it,” he growled, more animalistic than before.

Yet, he obeyed. This thrilled her even more, to have such control over one so malevolent and brutish. She rode the high as he undid his belt with determined movements. His erection sprung up strong when he pushed his pants down past his hips. They soon hit the floor with a whoosh of material that sent goose bumps traveling up her arms. Unashamed, and why should he be, he stood still, controlled, only the bunching of his muscles, legs, chest, arms, gave her any hint of just what it took to remain as he was.

“You’re perfection,” she breathed out.

“I’m glad you think so. But, how long do you plan to make me just stand here like some statue in a museum? I’m not really perfect. And, I want you.”

“You can wait. I’m an adventurer, remember? And, I have this need to explore such unchartered territory. Besides, I think I’m getting off on controlling such a dark beast as yourself.”

“If that’s some challenge, then test me. I play games to win, so give it your best shot.” His voice steady, deep, daring.

“I plan to.” She matched him, her voice at full volume, unwavering. The only hint of trembling came from excitement, not fear now.

If this were an episode of Survivor, he’d be the island, beautiful with hidden dangers, and she’d play the game with confidence, and play it well, until she discovered where each gem and pearl lie hidden. She wouldn’t be voted off this island.

Moving in, she stood to the side of his outstretched cock, careful not to touch it just yet. She traced her fingers over the tribal tattoo, as if she could find some veiled clue as to the man in his markings. If she could just read between the strong, and now trembling lines, she’d discover just what made him tick, and then make him hers for life. The errant thought gave her only a second’s pause before she stepped behind him.

The dragon on his back looked about to fly away. Again, abstract, tribal in nature, there could be no mistaking the mythical creature and the power it held. Her hands now flat on his upper back, she kissed the head, and then the tips of the wings of this guardian image. The full symbolism of the creature suited this man.

He groaned deep in his throat as her hands ran over his skin to his rock hard ass. The muscles flexed and then relaxed, letting her press with her fingertips until small white circles formed around her fingers. Lowering to her knees, she kissed him, bit him, and licked him, as he’d done to her neck, being consumed by the sensations even as she practically devoured the man. Her heart racing now, her stomach a tight coil, she followed each whim, kissed every inch of him she felt possessed to explore.

Moving around to the front of him again, she took his length into her mouth, as much as she could handle, and felt the strain of a smile from her otherwise occupied mouth as she heard the catch of his breath in his throat.

“Are you trying to kill me,” he hissed in a raspy voice, barely able to speak.

His fists clenched by her ears, he obviously strained to resist touching her. Good beast, she thought as she let his erection fall from her mouth. Moving in under his wet cock, she took in the scent of him, all male, light sweat and some faint scent of soap. His balls hung heavy, but she nudged them with her nose before she caressed them with her lips. The taunt line of flesh between his legs she kissed, nuzzling into the most intimate part of his body. Her hands on his massive thighs, she felt the muscles there contract and shake.

Whatever possessed her now, she gave into the raging, feral, impetuous drive. Kissing down the inside of his leg, she moved to his feet. Strong, thick, solid with veins now popping out on the top of them, she bowed of her own accord, and kissed all the way to his toes. What the hell, she had no problem worshiping this god of a man. Not tonight. She had no problems at all.

She looked up at him, the whole of his body raged, each muscle tight with more veins bulging, as if he’d just finished a workout, a thin sheen of sweat glistened over his skin. Coming to stand, she took a few steps back to admire her work. The full body display he gave her, erect, tall, tight, stood juxtaposed to the waving of the soft, sheer curtain behind him.

A rumble of thunder in the distance silenced the vicious crashing of the waves for a second as the boat ripped through the stormy seas. The energy of this, the sheer, white-hot thrill of the entire situation, gave her an electrified shiver that sparked a primitive need deep inside her to be taken, to unleash the monster she’d help create before her. Make up your mind! She wanted it all. One night would never be enough.

Pushing past the dismal thoughts of the unknown future, with trembling fingers she moved the straps of her dress off her shoulders.

“Stay,” she warned him, when she saw his biceps bunch.

The sound that ripped from his throat was unrecognizable. She could only describe it as a small roar of frustration. She fully understood. Mimicking his stance, she undid her bra and slid off her panties in two quick motions, luxuriating in the feel of the silk rushing over her skin. His eyes narrowed and his lips pursed. His breathing rumbled from his chest in tumultuous waves of sound.

When a streak of lightening lit the sky behind him, she released him with a phrase that made her giggle slightly as she braced for the impact.

“Release the kraken.”

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Kiki Howell

Ever since she was young, Kiki Howell has loved to listen to a well-woven tale with real characters, inspired plots, and delightful resolutions. Kiki could spend hours lost in a book, and soon she knew that creating lives, loves, and losses with just words had to be the greatest thing that she could do. To that end, she pursued her study of literature and writing, earning a bachelor’s degree in English. She then followed in a Master’s program in Creative Writing. She has now had over forty stories published between eleven different publishers. She could not be more thrilled or grateful to see her creations polished and out in the real world. In May, 2011, Kiki was chosen as an Ohioana Book Festival author for her novel, Torn Asunder. She's also had three flash fiction stories win writing contests. In the fall of 2013, her novel, Hidden Salem, made the Amazon Top 100 Bestsellers Lists in Paranormal, Suspense and Ghosts; and in the fall of 2014, her novel. What Lies Within Us, made the Amazon Top 100 Best Sellers Lists in Gothic Fiction and Occult Horror.


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