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Sexy Reads – Lilith: Generations Of Cain

Sexy Reads

Sexy Reads – Lilith: Generations Of Cain

Out of Eden and into a whole heap of trouble! With the help of her trusty lusty demon friends, Lilith’s search for Azazel continues as she shimmies her way through the ancient worlds of Sumer, Babylon, and Egypt. Lilith finds out that Eden is a very boring place. Mesopotamia is where adventure awaits. Meet Blind Dragon, Og the Giant, the two-tailed cat from Inanna’s temple library, and many more sexy creatures. Witness the birth of the children of Lilith. Did I mention huge ants? Swarms of huge ants. Yeah. Follow as Lilith forms the most awe-inspiring pussy posse ever to storm the underworld in the name of love.


“Do you, Samael, give yourself to the brotherhood of the fallen ones and equally share our sin for all eternity?”

Samael gazed upon Lilith longingly, then took the drink in his hands.“I do.” He imbibed, then returned the cup to Uzza, who swallowed a large gulp of the wine.

“Samael, bow down to our queen. Bow down to Lilith, Queen of the Demons!”

They all bowed. Uzza offered the goblet to Lilith. She held it up high. “You are all bound to me forever, and it is my will that we find Azazel. He is our hero and our leader. Do you all pledge to help me find him? Promise me that you will do this!”

Samael was first to speak, “You have my complete devotion. Your word is my law.”

Shemhazai was touched. “I will do anything to see my brother again. We have much work to do, and we need Azazel’s guidance to get it done.”

Lilith tipped her head back and emptied the remaining wine.

“That settles it.” Uzza retrieved the cup from Lilith and refilled it from the goatskin. “We must unite our forces and find Azazel. Tonight we send our plea. We send a message to all the fallen ones in hope to find our lost brother. Azazel immortal, we know you are out there! We want only to return you to your lover.”

Lilith raised the goblet of wine. “To find Azazel!”

“Shemhazai, Samael, stand before your queen.”

The two gathered in front of Lilith. She was radiant. Her face was flush from the wine. Her legs spread wide as she lifted the hem of her long gown, seductively exposing her body to them, revealing the fragrant secrets underneath her dress.

Samael’s eyes fixed on Lilith’s perfect body. Ever since he witnessed her dive down the waterfall to her freedom he had loved her spirit. Samael was completely smitten with her. His cock began to rise with desire.

Uzza saw Samael’s inspiration grow before Lilith. “Yes, yes! I feel the energy rising!

“Four hundred searching eyes
Scour the earth, scour the skies!
Hear us, brothers, hear our cries
We call the fallen ones, arise!”

“How do you come up with these rhymes?” Shemhazai smirked.

“Listen and learn, brother,” Uzza replied. “Listen and learn.”

Lilith pulled her dress up and spread her legs wider. Her fingers found their way to her desire. She rubbed her wet pussy lips and opened her cunt to Samael. “Samael, I know you want me. You’ve wanted me all this time. Bow down and taste of my cunt.”

Samael stepped forward. He bowed down and ran his tongue deeply into Lilith’s small pussy. She poured the wine slowly into a trickle down the delicate folds of her vulva as he licked.

“Yes! Bow down before your queen!” Uzza lifted his arms and continued with his incantation.

“Four hundred searching eyes and ears
Hunt where northern light appears!
Bring bold Azazel, who slays our fears
Home to his lover who perseveres.”

Samael’s tongue probed into Lilith’s wetness, tasting the mingled juices of her sex and the potent wine. She squirmed on the altar. She clawed at the soft fleece of the goat skin blankets and opened her knees wide. “Oh, Samael, that feels so fucking great! You lick my cunt so well!”

Shemhazai was doing his best, but his cock was not hard. He threw a look of frustration toward Uzza. Uzza knew girls weren’t his thing. He met Shemhazai’s eyes and, with a nod, gestured at Samael.

“Yes, brothers, we must lift the energy! We must do what we must. The altar demands your seed! Our message must be heard!

“Four hundred searching eyes that shine

Comb through southern sands so fine

For any trace or clue or sign

Of the fallen one, the first in line.”

Uzza again nodded at Shemhazai, who got down on his hands and knees. He crawled toward Samael and sucked Samael’s hard cock from under the altar. Samael immersed in the thrill of licking Lilith’s sweet pussy and feeling Shemhazai’s hot mouth around his cock.

“We send our voice into the void! Hear us, brothers, hear our plea. Bring forth the knowledge we seek! Find our kin, Azazel. Hear our plea!”

“Four hundred searching eyes, awake!
In the east where day doth break
By the power of the snake
Make transparent what is opaque.”

Shemhazai sucked Samael’s cock with abandon. He reached down and jerked his own erection as he got Samael’s cock wet and hard.

An ember popped from the fire, showering Samael with sparks. He brushed it off without taking his face from between Lilith’s legs. His devotion was unyielding.

When he was ready, Samael stood up. Shemhazai held Samael firmly and plunged the spit lubed cock into Lilith’s unsuspecting ass. The size was almost too much to take all at once.

“OH, FUCK!” Lilith shouted in a raspy voice still worn from calling to Azazel all night. Uzza snatched the goblet as Lilith adjusted her body at the edge of the altar, at the perfect height for Samael’s cock to fill her ass. She grabbed each of her legs behind her knees. The luxurious goat skins enveloped Lilith as Samael pumped his cum deeply into her puckered rectum, filling her anus. Millennia of pent up sexual tension released in an instant, binding him forever to the fallen ones.

“We consecrate this altar with our seed. Hear our call!” Uzza chanted on with one hand holding the goblet of wine, and the other jerking off his excited cock.

“Four hundred searching eyes that seek!
Under westward waters peek
Banish thoughts of lost love bleak
Brothers, what you find do speak.”

“Let me taste your cum!” Shemhazai shouted, pulling Samael’s dirty cock from Lilith’s ass and cleaning it with his mouth. The bitter taste of Lilith’s ass brought Shemhazai to his limit. As the first drops of semen escaped, Shemhazai stood and plunged his cock balls deep into Lilith’s cunt.

She was overwhelmed with being filled so quickly with another hard cock. “Oh my God! You are so fucking big!”

Cum oozed out around Shemhazai’s cock. He pumped furiously into her as the swirling combination of two loads of cum frothed into a thick white batter.

“Hear our cry! We call to the fallen ones! We cry to Azazel!”

“Four hundred searching eyes, unite!
We call our brethren in the night
Merge the strength of demon might
Around the world, take flight tonight!”

Uzza could take no more. He threw the empty goblet down on the floor, grabbed Lilith by the hair, and pumped his cum all over her mouth and face.

“Yesss!!! So mote it be!”

Lilith twisted her body so Uzza could fuck her throat as Shemhazai churned semen into her cum-filled cunt. Though filled to the brim with three loads of demon cum stirring inside every orifice of her body, every part of her ached for her lover Azazel.

Shemhazai pulled out and sucked the double load of cum out of her pussy and ass. He filled his mouth with thick hot fluid.

As Uzza’s cock slid from her mouth, his face beamed with glory.

“The vessel is full! Our message is sent. Now we wait.”

May Ling Su is a prolific sex blogger, model, and muse. Her portraits taken by celebrity photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders are in the book, “XXX: 30 Porn Star Portraits” and exhibited in fine galleries worldwide. She also appeared on “Thinking XXX,” an HBO documentary on the making of the book. She was nominated for the Feminist Porn Award. A short documentary film about her work was aired on the award-winning Dutch show Metropolis TV. Anointed as a Pornsaint in Italy, artists painted her portraits and exhibited in Amsterdam, Zurich and the United States.

New York pop artist Sucklord created a Scratch ‘n Sniff Pussy May Ling Su trading card in his Suckpax 3 collection. As a writer, she contributed Power Couple, a creative narrative piece for book Agam, published by the Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities and winner of a National Book Award in the Philippines. She also narrated and produced an audio book, Armageddon’s Princess by Anthony Pacheco. Her novel series, Lilith, is now available on Amazon.


Image courtesy of May Ling Su

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May Ling Su

May Ling Su is an author and muse. Her debut novel, Lilith: Queen of the Demons, book one of a series, is available on Amazon as a kindle download, paperback, and audio book. She blogs at


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