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Sexy Reads – Sin Cafe

Sexy Reads

Sexy Reads – Sin Cafe

Sin Café is a place where you can go to live out your deepest fantasies and desires, where no one knows or cares what your name is, or what you do.  Where the world outside stops and the escape from reality begins.


The business card haunted her every time she opened her bag, today she intended to investigate Sin Café further.

She searched through her local directory for ‘Sin Café’ and found nothing. She scoured the Internet, and still drew a blank. A novel, written in the 70’s, was the only item with the same name that appeared upon her screen.

Knowing roughly where the street was to her home, Lucy decided to explore in person. Unsure of what she would find when eventually she came across the place, Lucy pondered her outfit.

Going by the name on the card, and the events that may have brought about it being placed upon her car screen, she opted for smart, yet comfortable, casual, with a hint of sexy lingerie. To keep in tone with her mood, Lucy dressed in a dark blue denim dress, out of character with what she had on underneath.

The contrast of clothing excited her; perhaps it even summed her up, plain on the outside but inside a roaring passion waiting to escape.

Not that anyone would see them, but it made me feel good.

Lucy admired her image in the full-length mirror. The suspender belt pinched slightly.

‘I need to work out a bit. Lose a pound or two.’

She ran her hands over her body and fondled the lace, but stopped. She didn’t want to start anything she would have to finish; besides, she didn’t know what sort of place Sin Café could be; who knows what she would find.

Excitement mounted as she collected her bag. She took a deep breath as she unlocked her car.

She arrived at the outskirts of town, dock area, the old part of town, once the home of the only brothel in town; Sadie’s. It had been closed for some three years now. According to the local paper, moral campaigners with their protests finally got their own way, that and the growing surge in Internet escort agencies finally killed off Sadie’s.

Lucy stopped the car, got out and looked at the map. Yes, this is where she thought Cobolt St. should be, and sure enough, just ahead, she saw a small sign with the street name, pointing into a narrow alley. The area was quiet, with only a couple of dock workers seated on a packing case a few yards ahead ; cautiously, Lucy walked down the alley.

The doors appeared locked, or boarded up. There was no signs and nothing indicated whether they were open for business, or even what their businesses might be; it was a strange place. It was also a dead-end. Lucy could see no sign for Sin Café, and she felt she had bene led up the proverbial garden path or dirty alley in this case.

‘Now I’m really pissed off. Someone played me a fool. What the heck was I expecting?’

She turned to go back to the car, but as she did, a young woman passed by her. Lucy watched her go to almost the end of the alley, stop, stoop down under a canopy and vanish.

Lucy hurried after her. She approached the place where the girl had vanished, and she saw for herself, written in small print on the canopy; Sin Café. She stooped down under the canopy and began walking down a set of metal steps, her low heel shoes clanking and echoing as she descended. She reached the bottom and taking a deep breath, with her hand shaking on the handle, she opened the door.

Inside, four men and three women sat drinking and chatting, their eyes fixed on Lucy; it felt to her as if each one of them mentally undressed her, even the women. She approached the counter. A good-looking Latina girl stood behind the large walnut colored counter. She looked from the book she was reading straight at Lucy. Her vivid green eyes focused on Lucy and she smiled.


She spoke just the one word and poured as Lucy nodded her head. The black coffee steamed in the cup and Lucy took it from her. She usually added milk but this was not the occasion for such familiar habits.

Lucy looked around for a place to sit and made her way to the back of the room. The conversation in the café returned to a low hum, as she picked up the boiling coffee cup and raised it to her lips to sip.

The Latina girl approached her; she wore a low-cut blouse and split skirt, the flesh of her thighs briefly exposed. She sported a great tan as she stood next to Lucy’s table and offered a menu.

“I’m not hungry thank you.”

“Who said anything about eating?” the Latina smiled.

Lucy opened the menu; inside the plain black laminated cover was a picture of two women sucking two men’s cocks. Somewhat surprised, she self-consciously glanced around the room. The girl at the reception desk winked at her, but the others were intent upon each other, and Lucy realized they were not fussed by her presence. Intrigued, she turned the page, and another set of pictures opened. This time, it showed a woman being fucked by three men, one had his cock in her anus and the other had their cocks in the women’s pussy in a double penetration shot. Lucy’s cheeks flushed. She could not believe she was in a public place, looking at such things. This was one of the most daring things she had ever done. Lucy turned another page.

It showed a guy dressed only in a white loin cloth. Towering over him was a tall blonde woman clad in thigh high leather boots and leather corset. In her hand she held a large whip. She peered down on the subjugated man as he licked her boots. In another picture the same man was prostrate over a chair, as the tall female Mistress fucked him with a large black strap-on.

There were other images, mostly of naked men and women in orgies and groups. Lucy stopped turning the pages and placed the menu back on the table.

Lucy stopped turning the pages and placed the menu back on the table.

The Latina returned. “What would you like?” Lucy stood awkwardly. “Nothing… thank you.”

But Lucy couldn’t deny the excitement or the dampness between her legs. Lucy was frustrated, that was true, but she couldn’t be as crude as this, could she? Ordering sex off a menu?

“Please yourself, but ask yourself why did you come here?” the Latina questioned her before she turned away.

“Can I look at it one more time?”

The Latina gave the menu back to Lucy and smiled. “How about an appetizer?”

The Latina leaned forward exposing her large breasts and a little pert nipple. “Pardon?” Lucy asked for clarification.

“A starter if you like?”

The Latina motioned to one of the men to come over. A tall guy, blonde haired, probably late twenties early thirties, reasonably well-built, wearing an open neck check shirt, black denim jeans, and black shiny boots reminiscent of some western cowboy without the spurs, sauntered over to the two women; the Latina girl stroked the man’s arm playfully and pushed him gently towards Lucy.

“This is Fletcher; he will be your starter…”

Lucy looked a little confused as the man stood in front of them both. Without ceremony, the Latina girl dropped to her knees and began to unzip his pants.

“Okay, I will show you.”

She grabbed hold of Fletcher’s jeans and pushed her hand inside; he wasn’t wearing any Calvin’s and she plunged her hand straight on his cock, rubbing it with her fingers. Fletcher groaned at the feel of his cock hardening. The girl drew closer to him as she opened her mouth wide and pushed the hard flesh into her mouth. Lucy watched the girl sucking the man’s cock harder and deeper, as he pressed her head against his stomach and tugged on her hair. Fletcher’s eyes rolled in their sockets. Lucy’s own pussy began to melt while she watched the scene unfold before her, in some pseudo voyeuristic act. The Latina girl stopped sucking, a look of pure lust across her face as she gripped the cock in her hand, squeezing so the veins pulsed.

Find out more about what Lucy goes through at Sin Cafe by purchasing the book on Amazon hereé-Thomas-Rochester/dp/1482776154/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1421681959&sr=8-5&keywords=sin+cafe

Image courtesy of Thomas Rochester

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Thomas Rochester (60) was born in the UK and educated in London he has enjoyed a working life spanning some forty years, which has taken him from one side of the globe to the other; doing what he does best, writing. His expertise has opened doors for him in advertising and script writing and he is also a published author. Divorced with three children now all grown up, he spends most of his time when not writing; doing the other things he enjoys, watching football and movies. He also has a great affection with South East Asia and plans to write about Hong Kong, a city he is particularly fond of. Sin Café is his first excursion into the world of erotic literature.


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