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Awesome Toys: Dildos and Vibrators

Sex Ed

Awesome Toys: Dildos and Vibrators

When I was walking up from the beach this Saturday, they were cleaning the hotel next to where I live. As I walked by, a cleaning lady in her late fifties came out carrying some boxes. I said hi and she said. “Look at what people buy, just look.”

She showed me one of the boxes and it was a vibrator. I laughed and said. “At least they have fun on their vacations.” The woman stared at me and said, “Fun? They are perverts.” She threw the boxes in a big bin and walked back inside.

There is nothing perverted about owning a vibrator or two. Actually, I think every single woman and couple should have one in the bedroom drawer and I’ll tell you why.

Sex toys are to improve your sex life, not to substitute it. Some men think that if a woman has a dildo or a vibrator, she doesn’t need or want a man. This is completely wrong. Men masturbate using their hands, and so do women, but at some point in time thousands of years ago, someone very intelligent figured out that it would be much more fun to have a penis shaped object to use. The first dildos were made of stone, tar and wood which were very hard and uncomfortable. As humans progressed, other materials were used and today, these are made from plastic, rubber and their derivatives.

If you are a young woman, owning a dildo is a good way to become comfortable with your erogenous zones. You can explore your own sexuality at home any time you want, and thanks to the internet, you don’t even have to go to a sex shop and buy one. You can have it delivered to your door. There is nothing wrong with masturbating and using a toy to give you that extra pleasure.

Couples can explore each other using one and before you say, “Men can’t use a vibrator,” let me tell you, yes they can. I am not talking about asking or telling your man to get on the bed and then sodomize him (he might like it). No, what I’m talking about is something sensual. Place the tip of the vibrator just under his glans and keep it there for a while. You will notice how he begins to squirm and make all kinds of noises and then, he reaches an orgasm. You have driven him to the top and over without using your hands or mouth. The best thing about this technique is that he will take a lot longer to reach an orgasm than if you were to use other methods.

The basic dildo is a cylinder shaped object either in plastic or rubber. I recommend one in latex; very smooth. A vibrator is similar but as the name suggests, it vibrates. You can chose different speeds while you masturbate. Both of these can also be found in the form of a penis, small, medium size or big. I prefer these models because they have the right feeling when used.

You can also use a cock ring which is placed around the base of his penis and will help him maintain an erection for a longer time. I saw one model which had a little vibrating tip, which touched the clitoris when the man is deep inside the woman.

A vibrator is also a great way to warm up before anal sex. The man uses it to massage the woman’s anus so she relaxes and he can enter her easier. On the same topic, remember that a man’s anus is also very sensitive and if you use a small vibrator or just a finger, his orgasm will be much stronger. Most men are not into having their woman stick anything up their bums, but try to convince him. I’m sure he will thank you after. You can even buy a special prostrate massage for even greater pleasure.

Apart from the usual vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, etc., there are handcuffs, whips and all kinds of fun stuff to play with. It all depends on what you are into. A friend of mine likes dressing up for her husband. At times, she is a secretary, a nurse, or a hot waitress.To sum it all up, if you don’t have a vibrator or a dildo at home, get one. If you are into S&M, bondage or anything similar, go shopping for that. Have a masquerade every weekend and dress up. Surprise each other, people!

A final note for the man who wants to buy a vibrator for his lady: Do not assume that we like that big 12 inch thing, most of us don’t. Buy something of a normal size. That way, we can really enjoy it and if we want, we will ask for something bigger.

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Natasha Tsarina

Natasha Tsarina is the author of fourteen Erotic novellas. When she doesn’t write she likes to take long walks and read. She lives in Spain, and before that for extended time in South and North America. She can be reached through email and you can find her books on Amazon.


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