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Book Review – Dark Warrior by Julie Shelton


Book Review – Dark Warrior by Julie Shelton

Amidst the warring times of 14th-century England, Julie Shelton spins a most exquisite tale of passion, vengeance and a forbidden love that best encapsulates the power struggles and lusty fervour that one can only yearn for in fourteenth-century England.

Ms. Julie starts out on a morbid and harrowing note with Dark Warrior, with the ravaged and battered protagonist hiding the woods.  By the time her rescuers—Nicholas Herron and Rolf Torgesson—learn of her true identity and that her attacker is none other  than her betrothed the tyrant Robert Walford, the impending tragedy has already set itself in stone as the ravishing red-headed beauty has fallen deeply in love with them and they with her.

Julie weaves a novel of pure raw emotion set in Berwick Castle and creates realistic characters of intensity that will resonate with avid readers of fantasy taboo tales.  This is definitely a page-turner as readers are drawn into the world of Kathryn, Nicholas and Togesson as they redefine the boundaries of seduction, sensuality, and shared ecstasy.

Dark Warrior will be released on January 15th 2014.  You can purchase it at  For more information on Julie and her books, you can visit her website at

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