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Book Review – Skin In The Game: Unleashing Your Inner Entrepreneur to Find Love by Neely Steinberg


Book Review – Skin In The Game: Unleashing Your Inner Entrepreneur to Find Love by Neely Steinberg

What comes to your head when you hear of the term “entrepreneur”?  Perhaps words such as self-starter, independence, risk-taker, business-owner springs to mind.  A common definition of an entrepreneur is someone who organises, manages, and assumes the risk of a business or enterprise.  Neely Steinberg, dating coach and founder of TheLoveTREP, has published Skin in the Game: Unleashing Your Inner Entrepreneur to Find Love for women who want to take control of their dating life the entrepreneurial way.   An entrepreneur does not necessarily have to be someone who starts a business.  We are all entrepreneurs by the decisions and choices we make in life.  Skin in The Game aims to help one find love, thus becoming a Love Entrepreneur or Love Trep as Steinberg puts it.

An original dating approach, Skin in The Game is divided into three parts, comprehensively covering the preparation, execution and facilitation of one’s entrepreneurial love journey.  In each part, Steinberg introduces action steps and various exercises using the framework and concepts of entrepreneurship.  Business tools such as the Affinity and Fishbone diagrams might be considered farfetched  and irrelevant in the world of dating and relationships.  However, Steinberg seamlessly ties them together with guided exercises and workshops to form a logical dating process flow.

An entrepreneurial journey isn’t without its challenges.  From the very beginning, Steinberg states that Skin in The Game is “written for women who are ready for love and willing to work for it”.  Everyone women has an entrepreneur spirit in her and this spirit is what Steinberg believes is able to help her enjoy and appreciate the journey towards finding love.  Do not expect the path to be smooth or to get instant results such as finding a man within a few weeks of this journey.  There will be failures and doubts along the way, but as Steinberg puts it:

“As long as you’re committed and have the desire to keep trying and learning so that you can make better decisions, you will be able to see your failures as purposeful steps along your journey.  Often the most fulfilling things in life are ones that we have suffered for or failed at the first few times around.”

Some of the things I enjoyed while reading Skin in The Game

  • The helpful side bars throughout the book which provide a guide to explain certain terms or as a form of motivation.
  • Unique exercises, checklists and action steps to aid the journey
  • Anecdotes and stories shared by Neely from her personal and professional experiences.
  • Picking up various entrepreneur tips which can be used in all any aspect of life!

Skin in The Game is a wonderful and interesting read even at over 400 pages long, given how Neely uses the entrepreneur framework angle for a dating model.  Like starting a business, the dating journey requires a lot of determination and dedication.   Even after finding the person you love, the hard work doesn’t end there. Maintaining the relationship like you would do a business to keep it running is essential as well.  Skin in The Game is recommended for all women.  You might have already found love, or might not be ready to embark on your entrepreneur love journey just yet, but the framework presented inside will open and give you the impetus to try these new ideas and possibilities to shape your love life.

Skin in The Game: Unleashing Your Inner Entrepreneur to Find Love by Neely Steinberg is available on Amazon at $15.29 here.

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