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Ask Us – Toilet Breaks


Ask Us – Toilet Breaks

Hi Mandy

After reading about your experience on the toilet break, I wanted to try it out on several occasions but whenever that happens there’s always something that stops me. Mostly it’s the other ladies in the toilet and I start to feel self conscious. Also, how do you deal with dirty public toilets?


Hi Jess

Well, there are times when I do get the urge to pleasure myself while I am out but upon entering the toilet, the mood disappears at once due to unpleasant smells, wet floors, only available cubicle are squatting ones etc.  When this happens, I just have to accept that it isn’t my day.  What I have done over the years is to make a mental note on which toilets are conducive for self pleasure.  With so many malls, office buildings, and hotels in town, whenever I use one and I come out of it with a good vibe, I make a mental note in case I am ever nearby and there is an urge down under.  So the next time you enter a toilet, take a more detailed note of it, you never know when this might come in handy one day!

Personally, I do have a personal criteria for the toilets I go for self-pleasure as this makes me feel at ease and puts me in the mood to begin.

Firstly, they have to be well ventilated.  Fans are fine, air conditioned toilets are even better.  However, fans that operate according to motion sensors are a big no no.  There has been an instance where the fans stopped while I was halfway through and it became rather stuffy which made me sweat even more.  Not to mention the growing smell of sex in my cubicle.  Hence, it is wise to always look to choose the air conditioned ones.

Secondly, paper towels at the sink.  It is a surprise that even some office building toilets or malls do not provide paper towels after one washes their hands at the sink.  I prefer using these towels as they do not absorb water and break as readily as toilet paper.  This makes it easier to clean up after I am done.

Thirdly, this for me isn’t that important a criteria but a bonus to have.  There are some toilets which have strong doors, thick walls, yellow lightings, solid toilet seats which basically give a comfortable mood setting.  All these factors help in the ambience and makes it easier to climax faster.

Some turn offs or things to take note about toilets other than the ones I mentioned earlier:

Automatic flushing of urinals every few minutes.  This creates an unnecessary distraction and does not help in any way even though it might sound like an explosive orgasm.

Toilets with 3 cubicles or less.  Usually one will be a squatting urinal so that leaves 2.  Sooner rather than later, there will be a queue from my door and endless chatter which kills my mood anyway.

Keep a small vibrator.  I currently keep the Lelo Mia 2 in my handbag which is inconspicuous and comes in rather handy in times of need.  I try not to use my fingers as much as I can especially when I have just gotten my nails done or when I am not going home immediately.  Not really keen on having my fingers smell of sex and spending my time scrubbing away at the sink once I have finished.

When I am going at it and someone enters the one next to me and takes a dump.  No matter how high I am, if the smell of crap wafts over to me or the constant farting and plopping sounds going off, I will start to think of sex.  Anal sex gone wrong to be precise.  Once again, the mood is lost.  This also applies to an over chatty cubicle mate who is on the phone with a friend or even worse, chatting with a friend who is in the cubicle next to hers.  As much as my mind can filter out stuff, I don’t like distractions when I am in the zone.

Cubicles with no door hooks or ledge to place my possessions.  This makes it real tough especially if I need to put my bag or panty somewhere.

So there you go Jess, a little insight to my thoughts on having personal sexy times in public toilets.  If you or any readers are interested in knowing my mental list of places on where to self pleasure, do drop me an email, I will be most glad to share them with you.  Keep it to yourself though, or else the cubicles will always be occupied from now.  For those who haven’t read my experience, you can read it here.

That’s all for now.  Cheers!


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Mandy Tan

An avid traveller with a deep passion for writing, Mandy enjoys life's simple pleasures such as popping bubble wraps, the sweet aroma of wine and children's laughter to name a few. As a contributor on SimplySxy, Mandy believes that sex is a form of art to be enjoyed and discussed openly.


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