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Breakfast in Bed

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Breakfast in Bed

In this musing, I recall a school day that began with an unexpected breakfast. 

Classes in the mornings were always tough to get up for, and it wasn’t uncommon to skip them to get more shut eye. Thankfully my classes on Thursdays were scheduled in the afternoon so I always took the opportunity to sleep in.

My ex, H, had slept over the night before which he usually did a few times each week. Him with his arm wrapped around cuddling me while we slept on our sides on the single bed.  There usually wasn’t much space to manoeuvre but that was as comfortable as it got for us.  Raising my head, I stole a glance at my clock, it was half past ten.  Still early, I thought to myself, and I was in no rush to leave my bed.

Turning to face H, he was soundly sleeping away in his singlet and shorts, his breathing slow and quiet.  His face was close to mine, our lips barely a few centimetres away.  A wild thought entered my head as I decided to surprise him with a wake up call, gently slipping my right hand onto his groin area.  He never wore anything beneath his shorts to sleep so it wasn’t difficult to locate his dick under that thin material.  The warm un-erect dick was nice and easy for my hand to wrap around as I gave a slow massaged using my fingers.

H stirred ever so slightly.  I knew he was responding to my touches as his dick started to grow in my hand.  I was having fun, closing my eyes as if I was asleep but working my magic below.  I wasn’t too aroused myself, just enjoying the moment and getting a kick out of waking him up with an erection I created.  His dick was now almost fully erect, forming a tentpole like shape in his shorts, and I knew he was awake.  I continued squeezing the head of his dick with my thumb and middle finger while my index finger rubbed its tip.  Perhaps I should suddenly stop and leave him in this state, that will be fun.

As if he had read my mind, H pulled me close to him and removed his shorts.  I was now leaning into his chest, his heart beating faster than it was as my hand had a good grasp of his erection.  The tip of his dick was wet with his pre-cum which I used my fingers to lubricate and spread it down the entire shaft.  Wrapping my hand around it, I made slow purposeful tugs, keeping a continuous pressure of my palm on his shaft. This was good enough to keep his erection hard but not lead to an ejaculation anytime soon.

Wearing my usual shirt and panty to bed, H’s hand had no difficulty finding its way to my breasts.  As I was lying on my side with my right hand stretched south, my breasts were squeezed close together giving him a handful while he fondled both of them.  Cupping one after another, his grip on each breast was firm, giving each a good squeeze followed by a pinch on the nipple.  This continued for a while before he put his hand between them, stretching his hand so that the tip of his thumb and little finger touched both nipples, giving them a good finger rub.  My forehead now became an object for his kisses.  Soft and tender, showering small pecks as his lips found their way around, slowly moving to my nose before our lips met.  His tongue pushing its way down my mouth as I resisted its advances using mine.  Our tongues danced inside our mouths furiously as if to the tune of a salsa song.  Both my nipples were now as hard as his dick.

Not a single word had been uttered by either one of us the entire time but our bodies were responding to each other’s touches and we knew what the other wanted.  I felt his left leg brush up mine, using his toe to pull my panty down in one swift move exposing my bare bottom.  H broke off our kiss and got onto the end of the bed for a 69, his face now feeling the heat from my pussy as he used his fingers to part my lips.  My heart started beating faster, the sense of anticipation swelling between my legs for what was to come.  Lying on each other’s leg with our heads in-between, I moaned as he went to work with his tongue, repeatedly giving me a long stroking licks from my swollen clit down to my pussy.  That was his way of teasing me, enjoying my sweet honey juices as he lapped up every bit of it.  I felt his lips gently suckling my clit, while simultaneously swirling his tongue in circles.  A finger delved in me, well lubricated from my sweet juice, as it navigated its way through my inner walls, rubbing against my g-spot.

I would have moaned loud in delight with the attention I was getting but my mouth had his dick inside which muffled the moans.  His hips controlled the movement, stretching my mouth apart each time his dick went towards the back of my throat creating a gag reflex.  Saliva was dripping out of my mouth as I relaxed my throat as much as possible while keeping a rhythmic breathing going with my nose.  The feeling of taking it deep was different lying down sideways than in the frontal position and occasionally I would choke when the tip of his dick came into contact with the back of my throat.  He pulled out for me to catch my breath a couple of times before diving in again, the shaft of his dick brushing past the base of my tongue.   There was no need for any sucking to do on my part with the increasing thrusts as I gave him free rein to screw my mouth with lost abandon.  My middle finger, wet from wiping my saliva, was now rimming his ass and probing furtively inside.  The angle and speed at which H was thrusting made it difficult for my finger to go deep, but I was getting him there nonetheless.  The pumping of his dick in my mouth was getting purposeful with intent, with the growing sound of his dick hitting against the walls of my throat with saliva in-between.

My hips were now grinding vigorously against his face knowing the final release was near.  The constant clitorial and g-spot stimulation led to the inevitable as I tensed before a wave of orgasm hit me, my hips violently rocking away.  I felt my body go numb for a second or two as the energy drained from me.  H was close too, with his familiar drawn out groans and relentless thrusts a strong indication.  Anytime now I thought to myself, before the first bursts of warm semen shot out and hit the back of my throat, threatening to go through it.  I gulped down whatever I could as more continued to spurt, mixing with my saliva and oozing from the corner of my mouth.  H turned onto his back, his dick semi-erect completely wet with a mixture of saliva and the last drops of semen trickling down.  I swallowed what was left in my mouth, wiping the remains from my chin and cheeks with my hand.  We both lay there breathless, totally spent and exhausted after what our bodies had gone through.  Thirty minutes passed before we felt our strength return.

“That was a great breakfast,” H whispered.  Our first words that morning.  It was indeed a great breakfast and special way to start the day.

Mandy Tan

An avid traveller with a deep passion for writing, Mandy enjoys life's simple pleasures such as popping bubble wraps, the sweet aroma of wine and children's laughter to name a few. As a contributor on SimplySxy, Mandy believes that sex is a form of art to be enjoyed and discussed openly.


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