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Selling my panties is not a business to me but something more


Selling my panties is not a business to me but something more

Lana Lancier has an array of dirty delight offerings on her Panty Trust page, ranging from pussy stuffed neckties to pussy and asspops to pissy toilet paper. And there are even customization options for her panties as well. One thing is sure though, Lana absolutely loves what she does and we find out more from her on why selling her panties is more than just a business to her.

Can you share a little about yourself and where you’re from to our readers?

I was raised in the Midwest, where I did some modeling. That’s not the webcam kind – that’s actual modeling. When you’re 5’10 and super hot, people always ask if that’s what you do, so I gave it a whirl and had a lot of fun with it. But I got a bit restless after awhile, and wanted to try something new, so I moved down to the deep South and actually got to be a cowgirl. I love animals and getting dirty, so that suited me well. But the restlessness came up again, and I finally moved to the west coast and took some classes. A photographer I know out here was flirting with me and mentioned the idea of selling my panties. This was instantly arousing, so I didn’t waste a moment. Very quickly, I found myself wearing panties and preparing other treats for someone every day of the week!

You have mentioned that selling your panties isn’t a business to you.  Why is that so?

I don’t sell my panties to customers – but I delight in sharing my essences with my lovers! This isn’t a business for me and I correct guys when they try to suggest that it is. If it were, I’d have to be nice to people who are jerks and I’d offer things that don’t turn me on. But I only share with people who are sweet and I turn down requests that don’t turn me on…though very few things don’t turn me on, mind you. As an online Dominatrix, I also dismiss submissives who don’t obey exactly as told. If I wasn’t having a blast doing all of this, I wouldn’t do it. As someone who’s very enthusiastic about fetishes, I’d be ruining the fun if I tried turning it into a business.

Besides, business is about greed and I’m not like that. I don’t have wishlists because it seems selfish to me. Instead, I post the money/gift cards my fellas send on Twitter (anonymously of course). I also show pics of what I wear/make and for whom, post their sweet comments, and share photos of them (ONLY) when they ask me to, etc. They really like to see that I’m focusing on acknowledging and appreciating them, rather than spending the time making lists of what they can do for me. It’s all about mutual affection and fun.

What are some of your most popular and personal favourite dirty delight offerings as mentioned on your website?

Panties are the most popular. But really there’s desire out there for virtually anything that comes out of me (or goes in me), so my list is pretty extensive. I’ve gone even further, by dreaming up some fetish novelties that are a bit out of the box. There are different ways to extract my essences, and different ways for my boys to experience them – why not try them all? Some of the filthiest stuff I offer though I’m not allowed to list publicly – so an interested fella would have to email me to find out about the good stuff I keep in the back. Lol!

With a wide variety of options available, how will you help someone who has never bought a panty before choose one that they will like?

First I ask what my new baby wants. Does he like just pussy smell, or some ass too? And how strong would he like it to be? Is he hoping for a clean pussy smell or dirty? Un-showered wear makes the difference with that. A simple 24 hour wear is going to make a relatively mild smell. Adding masturbation increases it. And end it with a pussy stuffing, and he’ll get something really sublime. A cotton gusset is a must to absorb smell, but the panty itself can be made of whatever strikes his fancy. One thing a lot of guys don’t realize is that masturbating makes my pussy wet, but most of that moisture stays stored inside. Stuffing those panties inside me gets so much extra flavor. Nobody who asks for masturbation and stuffing ever stops asking for those customizations. It’s just too good!

What are some personalized specials and surprises you offer which makes your guys happy?

I send many more pics with my gifts than anyone else I’ve seen. I offer free pussypops with each panty or pantyhose. My Full Body Experience is pretty popular too – it’s a sample set from my mouth, pussy, tits, and feet. It comes with a customization, so ass is easy to add too. My favorite package to prepare is the FBE because I get to pick out treats for my lover. I offer a “spoiler” package where my lover would get to pick it all out himself, but the vast majority prefers to be surprised. It’s more personal that way I think. For my loyal lovers, I frequently throw in a little extra “something” just for fun. When I get to know a guy, I know what little extra something I can slip in to make him cum even harder. It turns me on to give it just the way he wants it!

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