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What One Should Know Before Buying Used Panties

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What One Should Know Before Buying Used Panties

I love wearing sexy panties, and selling used panties has been a way for me to justify having so many different pairs. When I first got into the world of panty fetishes, I pretty much went in blind. Having been in the selling business for a couple years now there is so much I now know about the fetish industry, and have learned to embrace and appreciate.

How I Started Selling My Panties

I started selling in 2016 when I was in between jobs. It started as a way to make some money and kill time. When I started I actually enjoyed getting into the panty business, it kind of opened my eyes to all the different fetishes that I hadn’t heard of before. After I got a full-time day job, I knew that I still wanted to sell my panties for the fun of it, so I continued on.

Reasons Men Love My Used Panties

Each person has their own reasons. Some of the reasons my customers have told me are:

  • They like to collect women’s panties
  • They want to wear them
  • Smell them
  • Taste them
  • Want the overall experience of the woman (they typically buy them with a photo set, video, perfume spritz etc…)

Tips For New Potential Panty Buyers

Be realistic and respectful. I’m happy to answer questions and give recommendations to new or first-time buyers. I want customers to be able to be open and comfortable while talking to me. A lot of clients are experienced in panty buying and know how it works and what to expect. Newer clients don’t always know how it works, so I would recommend doing some research and experimenting to see what they like most.

What Makes My Panties Special

What makes my panties special is my quality of service. While getting my panties dirty for other people is fun, I do treat panty selling like a business. I am courteous and professional to my clients and respect their privacy. I know that I am here to provide a service, and will do my best to please them.

Common Requests From Panty Buyers

The most common ones are requests to see my face or videos. I don’t show my face so that I can stay anonymous and keep my personal life completely separate. I used to do videos but no longer offer them because they are time consuming and I have to be careful about hiding my face. However I do offer photo sets and nudes which are incredibly popular.

Kimmi Good – I enjoy selling my dirty to people who will enjoy them. Email to purchase:

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Kimmi Good

I enjoy selling my dirty #usedpanties to people who will enjoy them. Email to purchase:


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