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ShanghaiPRIDE Film Festival: We Want Kids Too《我们也想要孩子》


ShanghaiPRIDE Film Festival: We Want Kids Too《我们也想要孩子》

We Want Kids Too (Wij willen ook een kind)
Director: Mirella van Markus
Country & Year: Netherlands, 2014
Dutch with Chinese & English subtitles

Filmmaker Mirella van Markus seeks the ideal arrangement of having a child with her wife Claudia. Despite their strong desire to have children, there are worries and doubts. Can they justify raising a child in a family which society doesn’t always look upon with tolerant eyes? And as a co-mother, will Mirella have the same unconditional link with her child as Claudia, the biological mother? Mirella’s quest leads her to lesbian parents, children born of artificial insemination, and a developmental psychologist; she even winds up on the sofa of an adviser who counsels people with a desire to have children. We Want Kids Too is a personal, emotional quest in which two women share their worries, doubts, hopes and disappointments.


电影人米雷拉·范·马库斯寻找和她妻子克劳迪娅生育小孩的理想建构。除去想要孩子的强烈愿望以外,他们有担忧和顾虑。她们能够在一个并不完全兼容的社会中抚养小孩吗? 米雷拉的疑问让她接触了一些女同性恋父母、经人工授精成长的孩子、发展心理学家、甚至那些面对想要小孩之人的顾问。《我们也想要孩子》是一个个人的、充满情感的提问,两个女人分享了他们的担忧、疑惑、希望以及失望。

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