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Do’s & Don’ts For Having Sex With A Transsexual


Do’s & Don’ts For Having Sex With A Transsexual

My personal thoughts towards sex……I think sex is something wonderful that not only allows us to express ourselves in many different ways, it feels amazing in just as many ways – and I’m not just talking about the organsm part which is amazing in itself.

I also feel sex is something way too many people make complicated. Sex shouldn’t be planned – it should be spontaneous . I always have an open mind about it as well and I never look down on others based on what they are into or who they are.

In short, sex is a wonderful thing that I enjoy in many different ways, places and with all types of people. Cis males and females, and Trans males and females.

Misconceptions About Having Sex With A Transsexual

That us who have big cocks (no offense to anyone) like to top. Not so – only a small percentage like that. Keep in mind we are FEMALE, we like to take cock and sometimes with another Trans female or Cis female giving it.

We are not all dirty – not true at all . Us who do adult videos especially – we get tested every two weeks.

Not all Transsexual females have had our dicks removed. A lot of people think when we transition, we have that removed – not so – and many of us do not want it removed and that does not make us any less of a woman.

Also, that we are all crazy. Also not true, most of us are very normal and down to earth .

And one I personally hate. Men who fuck transsexuals are gay. First, there is nothing wrong with being gay. Here is a fact for you, 99% of men are infatuated by a cock. It doesn’t matter if it’s on a man or a woman, and no, that does not make them gay. Second, gay men are not into transsexuals sexually and transsexuals aren’t into gay men sexually.

Third, and most important when you’re with a trans female, you’re NOT with a male, you’re with a FEMALE and don’t forget that – if you have to question if you’re gay for finding transsexuals attractive – then your experience with one when you do meet one is not going to be enjoyable. Especially if you ask her if she thinks you liking her is gay that is a very big NO NO.

What You Should Know Before Having Sex For The First Time With A Transsexual

Don’t ask us if we think its gay. Don’t ask us about when we transitioned or why it does not matter.

If you can’t take us out in public, then don’t worry about the sex part.

You can speak to us normally like you would any other female.

Things Not To Be Brought Up During Sex

I would refer back to the last few questions…. Do not bring up transitioning or why or how long. Don’t ask if it’s gay. Don’t ask why or if I plan on removing my dick, if I wanted it gone, it would be gone. I feel my dick makes me a little extra special, if you know what I mean.

Sex Tips To Have An Orgasmic Time

Most important – there is more to us than our cock, a lot of guys don’t get this. We are females, we have tits, ass, sexy legs and feet, lips, and all the stuff between. And yes, we have a brain as well, and yes, they, like your cocks, all need to be stimulated.

Mandy Mayhem – Southern bell turned porn star. Originally from MO. I moved out to Vegas to pursue my music career but found myself getting into adult video very fast – which i love! I am a total nympho – so doing porn just came natural and its lots of fun. I love showing off in front of the camera for others. I love to be nude and to be seen nude nothing at all to hide or that I’m ashamed of showing….. There is NO shame in my game – i am an open book and always speak my mind even if its not what you want to hear.

When I’m not doing porn i love spending time with my dogs, making beats/ playing my guitars , going to concerts , hiking , going on road trips, and i love to cook as well.

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I shoot exclusively for my own site so all plans are geared towards that.  have lots of new stuff coming and planned like gangbangs bukkakes lots of outdoor and public stuff and as always working with all genders races and orientations

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