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ShanghaiPRIDE Film Festival: The Circle (Der Kreis)《圈子》


ShanghaiPRIDE Film Festival: The Circle (Der Kreis)《圈子》

The Circle (Der Kreis)
Director: Stefan Haupt
Country & Year: Switzerland, 2014
German with Chinese & English subtitles

Based on true stories, The Circle (Der Kreis) is a docudrama about the lifelong romantic relationship between Ernst and Röbi, who met through Switzerland’s first gay association – Der Kreis. With interviews of the now elderly gentlemen, historical footage from the 50s, and dramatized representations based on their accounts on the gay life in postwar Zürich, the film looks back from the present to the time of Der Kreis’ rise and fall. Ernst, a schoolteacher, and Röbi, a flamboyant drag queen, later became one of the first to enter registered partnership in Switzerland. Besides depicting their love story, the film further serves as a powerful testimony to the legacy of Der Kreis, which remains one of the world’s most important journals promoting the legal and social rights of gay men.


基于真实故事的《圈子》是一部关于恩斯特与罗比一生浪漫情感的文献片。恩斯特与罗比第一次相遇是在瑞士的首家同性恋组织 — “圈子”。利用对已是暮年的几位绅士的采访、对50年代历史影像的发掘、和对战后苏黎世同性恋生活的夸张再塑,这部电影的视角从当今跨越至“圈子”的兴衰。恩斯特,一位教师,和罗比,一位艳魅的变装皇后,随后成为了瑞士首批登记伴侣关系的一对。除了描绘了两人的爱情故事之外,电影还是“圈子”遗产的一个有力证明。“圈子”至今仍是当今世界上支持同性恋法律及社会权益的重要期刊之一。

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