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Why Selling my Panties is Empowering


Why Selling my Panties is Empowering

We ask college girl and yoga instructor Mia Britton, who is new to the fetish scene on why the feeling of selling her panties is empowering to her.

How did the idea of selling your panties start?

Well, I had just graduated college, got laid off from a salary job along with 5 other people since the company’s financial situation was not as good as they had hoped. I had always played around with the idea of selling my panties online, since it seemed like a fun and easy way to earn a little extra cash, but had never really had a need for extra income. The time came around when I realized one day that my loan payments were coming up, and the choice I had was to pay off my loans, or be able to at least get 3 meals everyday. So I took the plunge and signed up for Panty Trust! Now I am able to pay off my loans every month and even have a little left over for fun stuff.


What do you enjoy about selling your panties that has kept you doing it till today?

Well, for one it has now become kind of a necessity for me seeing as it helps me with my student loan debt every month. However, I could sell just about anything online and still make as much money, but I keep selling panties because I really do enjoy it! I enjoy that I am selling something to another person whom I know is going to really, REALLY appreciate what I have done. It’s also the only activity with pay (I don’t even want to call it a job since it is so fun and easy), that allows me to be in charge the whole time. I sell to whoever I want, however often I want. I set my own prices and if someone doesn’t agree with my price, I just politely direct them to Panty Trust so they can find panties in their price range. There is no one telling me when or where to sell panties and everything is done on my terms and I have never had that opportunity before. Plus it has become really sexy for me knowing someone, somewhere is getting off to my scent and my pictures, and will be for as long as the panties last.

Do you think selling your panties started off as a hobby and turned into a business or it was a business that became a hobby?

It most definitely started off as a business, but I have started to really appreciate and care for my customers to the point that I look forward to shopping for panties with them (and first-time buyers) in mind. I love taking sexy pictures and having people admire them on my selling page and Twitter, and I know that every time I work out and/or masturbate in those panties, that this customer is going to enjoy every ounce of effort (and pleasure) put into them.


Describe a typical process of the preparation once you have an order for a panty

Once we have determined what panties the customer wants, what extras, pictures, videos and such they want, I provide them with a price. They then send me the payment (online gift cards are usually easiest), and the order begins! For a standard 24 hour wear, I will put the panties on immediately after I receive payment. I will then go to work at the yoga studio, do a couple f classes, and head to the fitness center to get the included workout in the panties. After the workout, I will walk around, do some chores and errands, whatever I need to do that day. If they have ordered pictures and video, I will take pictures and video during the 24 hours in the underwear they have ordered (all about that customization)! Once I am all hot and bothered from making sexy videos and pictures, I will pour myself a glass of wine (or beer, let’s just be honest), have a drink, then get down to the included self play in the panties. I usually use my vibrator/hands and sometimes even my little pink butt-plug if I am feeling especially frisky! Then the next weekday, I mail them out with tracking and wait to confirm with the happy customer that they got their entire order, and are satisfied! Haven’t had a complaint yet.

Do you have to do anything extra or unique to stand out from the other panties sellers out there?

I tried to find some kind of niche category that I could fit into at first. It was kind of a nerdy gaming kind of thing, playing on the fact that I tried to consider myself a sexy nerd, but that didn’t work out well. Only 2 of my nerd panties have sold actually. Now I find that my punctuality, open-mindedness, and professionalism with a dash of flirty helps me stand out in a business that really has no guidelines or rules. I am big on customer service and making sure people are getting exactly what they want, if not more, from the money they spent. These people are throwing their money to a stranger that they have never met, and probably will never meet, and it’s a vulnerable position to be in. Also, being a yoga instructor with a rocking ass and titties tends to help me too!

Image courtesy of Mia Britton
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Mia Britton

I am a recent college graduate and yoga instructor and am just making my way into the fetish scene. When I realized it was a turn-on for me to give underwear/socks/bras etc to others for them to get excited, I figured it was a good idea to try and make some extra spending money. Little did I know I would love doing it! Outside of selling panties, I am a yoga instructor, a thespian, a total nerd and a seed blowing in the wind. I spend most of my time working at a yoga studio, working out, attending rehearsals, writing different web series, playing video games, going out with friends, gardening, cooking and reading. Click on my links below to follow me!


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