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An Introduction To Modern Cuckoldry

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An Introduction To Modern Cuckoldry

There are many sexual fetishes defined by psychology.  Some fetishes begin as with an accidental exposure to an unusual situation or have their roots in a long held fantasy.  Some of the more puzzling fetishes are ones where the subject enjoys some form of suffering or being put in a lesser, disadvantaged position in a relationship.  The simplest example of this type of fetish is Masochism where a person enjoys being abused, dominated, humiliated and/or punished.  For some, this fetish involves specific activities and interactions done with their partner or a professional “provider”.  Exactly why a masochistic person enjoys seeming unpleasant and counter-intuitive activities being done to them is the subject of many psychological studies.

A growing “irrational” fetish is the practice of modern cuckoldry or the “hot-wife” lifestyle.  Here a man enjoys knowing or watching his lady engage in sexual encounters outside their relationship, while all he is required of him is to remain faithful to her.  The practice of cuckoldry in one form or another is ancient but the modern version probably began in the last few hundred years.

The fact that a man would fully accept or begrudging allow and/or support the infidelity of his female partner seems totally irrational.  It is important to remember that modern cuckold relationships are quite varied and complex.  There are several motivating factors for the cuckold man as well as pathways couples takes into this lifestyle.

  • The voyeuristic husband is one where the man derives enjoyment seeing his wife or girlfriend having sex with others.
  • The submissive husband enjoys being a cuckold as part of the power exchange he has with his wife or girlfriend.
  • Men who enjoy having a partner that has sex with other men as part of their bisexual lifestyle.

Of these three categories of the voyeur and submissive are the most common and often overlap with one another.  In my next instalment, I will continue to explore the pathways, reasons why and how a couple gets involved with a cuckold lifestyle.

Steve is a middle-aged husband and father living in the northern US. By day he works as a technical analyst/project manager for a large company by night he explores the depths of alternative sexual lifestyles - mostly involve female-led relations.


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