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What People Don’t See About Sex Work

Sex Ed

What People Don’t See About Sex Work

I love sex work. I have gone through a rollercoaster of feelings regarding the industry. There’s a lot of shame due to the stigma society has placed on it. In my first year in the industry, I was outed by a companion who did not even know me. She found out my personal information from a photographer. I am very active in non-profit volunteer work, and this woman contacted them. Shortly after that, I retired then eventually rebranded. Because of this, it made me not trust any other women in the industry until these two beautiful women, Ava and Miranda, took me under their wings and showed me how beautiful relationships in the industry could and should be.

I have met the most amazing people in this line of work. These deep connections are something that I will always hold very close to my heart. A month ago, I released my face and showed all my tattoos, it was a scary decision, but I decided to do this because I love what I do, and I am tired of pretending that I don’t. I am even more tired of hiding.

Misconceptions About Sex Workers

A lot of people view sex workers as not being smart people. I am educated, and I am currently working on another degree. Most of the women that I work with are also educated. I know from when I have shared my secret with people in my “civvie” life that think it’s dirty or gross. I am a very clean person.

When I hear sexual stories from my civvie friends, I am like, woah; I would never do that. I do a lot of research and background check the people I see. And the people I see I truly do connect with – If I sense that anything is off in the screening, I will not book. My safety is of the utmost importance to me.

All sex workers are different. We are human, and just like in any industry, all the people involved are different. Yes, I like money. Most people from normal society view us as gold diggers or money-hungry. With the money I make in the industry, I have created impressive businesses, events, volunteer opportunities, and non-profits. 

How Competitive Is The Sex Work Industry?

I recently moved to Tampa from Michigan. And have spent a significant time in NYC. My favorite city hands down is NYC. I’m still new to Tampa, so I am still feeling out the industry. I think my price point for this area is much higher than the average rate.

I haven’t met with a lot of people since my move here. I have heard from other ladies in the area that it’s not a super busy place, but I am close to the airport so it is working for me! 🙂 I have amazing people who book Fly Me To You’s, which is my preference anyway. 

Challenges & Difficulties Facing Sex Workers

How we connect to people is on a deep level. I can’t speak for all sex workers, but for myself, I’ve had challenges when I see the same person every week, then all of a sudden I don’t hear from them again. This is part of the work and part of the transaction piece, so I get it, but I am still human and have a very big heart.

My main duo partner retired amidst a tour we were supposed to do together. She was one of my closest friends. When she retired, it felt like a breakup. I am still pretty sad about it all.

But another huge challenge is keeping the lies straight if you’re hiding your secret life. Many people will ask me where I am and what I’m doing. I can’t tell them that I’m flying here or there because that will get more questions. People in my personal life who do not know all of me assume I sit at home with my cats all the time. 

Will The Situation Change For Sex Workers In Future?

To be successful in this career, you have to keep a strong balance. Open your heart enough to connect fully. Connection is the main piece of fully healing. But also, keep up a boundary so that you don’t become too attached and hurt. The tools that I use in sex work are the same tools I use with therapy clients.

For me, a good self-care routine is essential: Meditation, yoga, rituals, journaling, reading, and being out in nature. It is also vital that you feel yourself coming out of balance to take a step back, deep breath, and process it all. To me, sex-work is healing work, and if you, the healer, aren’t healed, that energy will transfer over to your client. 

Advice For Aspiring Sex Workers

Sex work can be a very beautiful experience. If you are not mentally aligned though, it can chew you up and spit you out. Good friends in the industry help, having support, community, and advice has changed my life. Be careful who you allow yourself to connect with, though, not everyone is nice. 

Brooklyn Monroe – Sacred Confidant, sexual healer, partner in crime.

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2020 has been an incredible year. I sold my business in Michigan. I am currently working on a brand new holistic/witchy online store where I will be giving special discounts for sex workers. I am in a training program to facilitate plant medicines. And once planes start flying, I plan to open a center in Central America. I want to create large retreats for sex workers where they can process everything and heal. If the retreat is only for sex-workers, I feel like no one will have to hide, and that is where true healing will come. I am working on a degree in Behavioral Sciences that I will be finishing in August. My goal is to become a therapist for sex workers. Good Mental health is critical to me. When people know that I am a sex worker, they will feel comfortable talking to me about everything. Some ups and downs come with sex work, and I want to help when the downs are there. Additionally, I’m working on a clothing line where all profits will go to a non-profit in Detroit, Answer Detroit. 

My home base is currently Tampa; I would love to meet more friends in the area.

My upcoming tours are:

12.11: My Birthday 🙂

1.18-1.19 Detroit, Troy MI w/ Zara Brooks

1.19-1.22: Michigan w/ Zara

2.5.21-2.8.21: Tucson

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Brooklyn Monroe

Sacred Confidant, sexual healer, partner in crime.


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