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Masturbation & Squirting Tips From Bianka Swool

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Masturbation & Squirting Tips From Bianka Swool

The greatest thing about masturbation is that it is always available. And it is an international body language ūüėČ

Favorite Masturbation Toy

The Womanizer!!! Cause gosh what is better then something vacuuming my clit?  Haha.

Difference Between Using Toys vs Hands

Seriously I’m¬†more of a¬†object use person¬†than some toys! ¬†Sooo¬†feeling something inside that¬†doesn’t¬†go there, it’s¬†pretty exciting to me like SOME CANDY! Gosh I love it that‚Äôs¬†why I use¬†a lot in my movies I make! And my hands I just use for my mouth and my clit!

When I First Started Squirting

Seriously, all of my boyfriends except two, did not know how to do it LOL ‚Äď boys please read about¬†it!¬†Cause it’s¬†fun to show you how for like 30 min ‚Äď and¬†finally¬†we do the job for you. But the way I¬†realise, I can SQUIRT SO MUCH is one day by just jumping on my guy and just taking me off¬†(cause¬†I wanted to change position) and TADAMMMMMM, I splashed all over his¬†chest!¬†So guess what I told¬†myself that I can do that?¬†Damnnnn can we do it five times again haha¬†and I don‚Äôt know, I¬†just¬†did it again¬†after by¬†myself with¬†toys‚Ķ.hands…..etc¬†etc.

Fingering Techniques To Squirt

Hummm¬†yes there is a method! But seriously to explain it?…. pretty tough! Look at some videos guys! Porn are there not just to jerk but to learn ūüėČ

It feels good to squirt everywhere…..¬†Even in my head I feel better after! Is that not weird? I just love the way it¬†makes me feel and not only having a nice orgasm but I feel like I’m THE QUEEN OF THE SQUIRT AFTER THAT hahaha¬†ok joking but…not

Hello my name is Bianka¬†Swool.¬†I’m¬†your typical¬†next-door girl. I am so naughty you¬†cannot¬†imagine! In this interview I will¬†share to you some¬†sexy secrets about me! I am not just a¬†pornstar, I AM YOUR PORNSTAR!¬†¬†See you soon xxx Bianka

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Bianka Swool

Hello my name Is Bianka Swool. I'm your typical next-door girl. I am so naughty you cannot imagine! In this interview I will share to you some sexy secrets about me! I am not just a pornstar I AM YOUR PORNSTAR! See you soon xxx Bianka.


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