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What Are The Rules To Follow When Working In A Brothel

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What Are The Rules To Follow When Working In A Brothel

People are much too puritanical, even in a modern society. The idea of marriage based on love and compatibility is relatively new, for a long time marriage was more done for politics and business deals. So for the same society that wants to believe in free “real” love to not see physical aspects of it as a service that can be sold is a little strange, sex work is one of the oldest professions.

For eons, men and women have traded sexual services for other services, goods, and currency. The old monarchy of France was notorious for the courtesans who made up the royal court. Sex workers throughout all of history came from all walks of life and serviced people at all economic and social status levels.  The general public should be more accepting as it’s a perfectly valid means for one to make their way in the world.

How Does A Brothel Work?

Safety and discretion are top priorities. By law, all sex workers must be tested weekly for STDs and to be able to work, must prove to be STD-free. Legal sex workers at brothels are licensed to work the brothel by the county in the state and must be able to pass a background check (some counties are stricter than others, I’ve been told the county I work in – where the Mustang Ranch is – happens to be one of the strictest). Condoms are also mandatory for sex acts that exchange bodily fluids. Prior to even paying for a service, a sex worker must check a customer’s genitals for any potential problem (such as unusual discharge) that could make booking a session (or “party” as we call it in the industry) too much of a hazard to the sex worker. In the rooms, parties take place in there have hidden “panic buttons” connected to the main office so the sex worker can trigger should something go wrong or a hazard be presented. Every brothel has these in the rooms for sex worker and customer safety.

Discretion is also important. For a long time, brothels didn’t even allow women who weren’t sex workers or staff to be on the premises (this has since been changed to allow couples and single female clients) to try to keep snooping spouses at bay. Identities of customers are not made public by brothel staff or sex workers. Some customers choose to take part in chatrooms and message boards under handles which can be recognized by staff at brothels they frequent but rarely are legal names given out. The only time brothel staff need to see an ID is when someone comes in the door and they make sure they’re over 18, when they want to buy drinks at the bar to make sure they’re over 21, and to process credit card transactions to confirm the card is legit and not stolen.

Us sex workers don’t care if customers give us their real names. The appeal to brothels is the privacy. Where I work at the Mustang Ranch, cell phones and cameras are not allowed in the bar and in other public areas, customers could be in for the privacy of customers and the sex workers. This is due to the rise of social media and apps where it could be a privacy risk if a photo appears somewhere.  What a customer and sex worker agrees to do in the confines of the room they party in (such as taking photos or recording the party) is up to them.  What happens in a brothel stays in the brothel. This is to ensure privacy for customers and sex workers alike as many sex workers also keep their job private.

As to how it works, all legal Nevada brothels follow a basic system:

A customer comes in the door and has their ID checked either by a hostess or bouncer depending on location.(Customers must be over 18 to enter and get services at a brothel in most counties – there is at least one county where the minimum age to enter a brothel and get service is 21.) They’re asked if they would like a lineup (there is an exception at a few brothels which have a more relaxed atmosphere in which the customer themselves can request the lineup but usually, available sex workers are out in a bar or lounge area for them to talk to and approach first). A lineup is when the customer is brought to a seat and all available sex workers come out, introduce themselves, and stand side by side. (Each brothel has its rules on what it considers to be “dirty hustling” or bad form displayed by sex workers to unfairly try to get a customer – a common one is sex workers can’t prance about fully nude on the floor or in a lineup and can’t flash their private areas in a lineup.)

A customer then chooses a sex worker to take a tour with. In the case of brothels where lineups are optional or the customer doesn’t want one and wants to talk to sex workers in the bar instead, once a customer and sex worker connects in the bar, the sex worker can also take them on a tour. The tour consists of the sex worker showing the customer around the property explaining how things work. Some brothels are larger than others and have a lot of amenities worth showcasing such as pools, jacuzzis, luxury bungalow suites, specialty rooms (such as “dungeon” themed rooms with the right furniture and tools for those more “50 Shades” and beyond minded), even souvenir shops.  Others are smaller with just a parlor, bar, and rooms the sex workers do their work and reside in. The tour gives a client extra time to get comfortable with the sex worker as well as with the new and different environment as usually some extra conversation is exchanged during the tour as well.

After that (or if a client isn’t new to brothels and wants to skip that part) they go into negotiation. A negotiation is where the sex worker and customer discusses prices for services. In a few brothels, this takes place in a designated “negotiation room” which consists of comfy seating, good relaxed lighting, and the tools needed to proceed to the step following a negotiation before payment. In other brothels, the negotiation takes place in the same room the sex worker does their work in (and they also do the next step there as well). All sex workers in brothels are hired as Independent Contractors. This means that each sex worker has their own rates they set for specific services and not all sex workers offer the same things.

A couple of brothels do have “fixed price” menus their sex workers follow but those brothels are smaller and appeal to customers with usually pretty standard and common requests. Brothels with extra amenities such as luxury bungalows and suites have spending minimums a customer must be able to meet in order to use them as part of their party, otherwise the party takes place in the sex worker’s room. (And sometimes even if the customer does meet the minimum, they can choose to not take part in any of the amenities and other perks (such as complimentary drinks) and just go right for the party in the sex worker’s room.) Prices vary depending on the type of activity (or activities) and the amount of time desired. Some sex workers consider certain activities to be “specialties” and therefore charge more while others may feel those are standard to them and have different rates. Because of solicitation laws, sex workers cannot list prices for services online or over the phone (and generally in brothels, prices are only discussed in the designated negotiation area).

If the customer and sex worker can’t come to an agreement, the sex worker takes the customer out to choose and talk to a different sex worker. If they do come to an agreement then before the party can be booked and paid for, the sex worker must check the customer’s genitals (as previously stated) for safety. If everything looks okay they can go to the cashier to pay for and book the party. (All brothels take cash in US currency and most take all major credit and debit cards.)  Depending on the sex worker, the desired activities, and desired amount of time, prices can range from a few hundred to a few thousand (or more) – there are a lot of variables. Most, if not all brothels, try to be accommodating to customers from any income bracket and social status and encourage their sex workers to do the same, if they can.

However, a sex worker reserves the right to refuse service to a customer for any reason (and especially if they do not feel comfortable booking the party after doing the genital check). If the sex worker isn’t sure during the genital check, they may bring in a member of staff or another sex worker to help them come to a conclusion. If a customer cannot pass the genital check they cannot book any party with any sex worker in the brothel and are politely escorted out. As stated previously, if the sex worker and customer simply can’t come to an agreement, the customer is just brought back to an open common area to talk to another sex worker, or they’re free to grab a drink at the bar or just leave if they don’t feel confident they’ll get what they’re looking for (or only had their sights set on specific sex workers in the first place).

Once a party is booked and paid for, the sex worker is given a “setup” (a large sheet to go over the bed, a couple of bath towels for the shower (or bathtub/jacuzzi), and a hand towel) and takes the customer to the room the party itself takes place in. Most brothels include a free shower for the customer as part of the party to wash off before beginning, and those that don’t, as part of policy, most sex workers include it. (“Shower parties” where the customer and sex worker(s) take a shower together and have fun are also something brothels and most sex workers offer, but has to be negotiated.) Sex workers are in charge of providing barrier protection (the condoms and even dental dams), lubricants, massage oils, toys, and any other party tools. Sex workers do not take or use condoms provided by customers for safety reasons.  If a customer has a specific tool they’d like to use as part of their party they don’t think the brothel has or sex worker can provide, they can always call the brothel ahead of time and ask if they’re allowed to bring it.

Usually brothels are alright with that, but a member of staff may look it over when the customer comes in to make sure it’s safe.  Brothels and sex workers do not provide prescription or over the counter oral treatments for erectile dysfunction (if a customer feels they need that, that’s on them to acquire and take beforehand) but some might have lubricants/creams that may have sensation-heightening properties that help with such things. Then what goes on during the party stays confined to the party area. All completely private! Depending on the brothel, when the negotiated amount of time is up a staff member will call time either through a speaker or knocking on the door. A customer can choose to “rebook” (book more time) and if they do that, then in the party room they negotiate the extra time and activities and the sex worker notifies the staff to accept the payment.

If everything is good and the customer is satisfied or just ready to leave (even though they wish they could be there all day!) they have time to get cleaned up and redressed. The sex worker then escorts them either to the bar/lounge/common area or to the exit depending on the customer’s request.  After a party, the setup used goes in a designated laundry area and the sex worker cleans themselves and freshens up before going back on the floor to see another customer. Overnight (or longer) parties and parties with more than one sex worker are not uncommon requests either.

Ones with multiple sex workers, the negotiation must happen with all desired sex workers and they must all come to an agreement – one sex worker can’t speak for and decide for others. Overnights do tend to be priced on the higher side, depending, and extended stays beyond that usually have to also be discussed with someone in management to make sure everything runs smoothly to the customer’s satisfaction.  Sex workers in brothels also commonly see couples and single female customers as well – though that is at the discretion of the individual sex worker including how they price their rates for such parties. Some consider those specialties while others do not.  At the end of the day – everything is about customer satisfaction.

Certain types of parties are permitted by law in some brothels but not in others. To legally offer receiving anal intercourse, the sex worker must get the additional testing of the anal region as part of their STD testing. And if one sex worker offers anal, all sex workers in the same brothel (whether they offer it or not) need to be tested. Not all clinics that service the brothels for testing offer testing for anal, so because of that, for some brothels it’s not legal for sex workers to offer receiving anal intercourse as a service – period. Also, some brothels have clear signs on display that their sex workers do not offer anal. The one brothel I know that tests sex workers to be able to offer anal is the Mustang Ranch (though as mentioned, even though it’s standard testing in the house, not every sex worker offers it).

Another type of party that is legally offered in some brothels in certain counties and not others are “outdates” – where a customer can come to the brothel and negotiate time and activities with a sex worker where they go somewhere off the brothel property (but the sex worker cannot leave Nevada state lines). Whether on or off property, the sex worker still has to follow Nevada state as well as county laws with their services (so the condom law is the condom law, for example). Outdates must also be approved by a member of management at the brothel to ensure safety and security for the sex worker. Popular outdates tend to involve going to a nice restaurant for dinner, a show or a movie, or to a casino. When special events are in certain areas, customers also like to book outdates with their favorite sex workers to accompany them to those as well. Outdates however, are not legal to offer in all counties, so for a customer interested in doing that it’s always best to do some research and when in doubt – call the brothel. While the staff on the phone cannot disclose prices or give a full list of available sex workers, they can say if certain things are legally offered and available there or not. The office can also be called to inquire if a certain sex worker is currently there, as well as to set up an appointment to meet with and negotiate a party with a specific sex worker (or sex workers).

The Mustang Ranch, where I work, because of how they’re setup and operate, allow sex workers to have some of the most varied and diverse menu options of any brothel, For customers looking for something specific that may not be standard, or just want to make sure all their bases are covered, the Mustang should be heavily considered. Its size allows it to have dozens of sex workers available at all times. The premises itself includes a variety of amenities. The location is very close to Reno, while still being in a county where it can legally operate. It’s the only large brothel with a non-smoking bar.  Every sex worker in house is tested for everything (including the anal test – whether the sex worker chooses to offer it or not). It is in a county that permits them to allow their sex workers to do outdates with customers. It’s also an older, established name and brand – recognizable to tourists. There are many reasons why I personally choose to work there.

How much a sex worker makes, because it’s not the kind of job with set hourly wages or salaries, but depends on how many customers they see and how much they charge is hard to say. Even to pinpoint to how much is made in a week, month, or year – there’s too many variables. However, I can say those who take the work seriously, are patient, and are dedicated to providing optimal customer service tend to do quite well. But the same could be said for any job!

Kitti Minx – A model, cosplayer, and adult performer who specialized in the niches of “Alternative”, “Geek Chic”, “Cosplay”, and “Fetish”.  She does photoshoots and a XXX video for a variety of companies as well as her own website. For one on one intimate experiences with fans she offers services as a legal luxury companion at the world famous Mustang Ranch in Reno, Nevada.

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Kitti Minx

Kitti Minx in a model, cosplayer, and adult performer who specialized in the niches of "Alternative", "Geek Chic", "Cosplay", and "Fetish". She does photoshoots and a XXX video for a variety of companies as well as her own website. For one on one intimate experiences with fans she offers services as a legal luxury companion at the world famous Mustang Ranch in Reno, Nevada.


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