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Sexy Reads – Mrs. Sexy

Sexy Reads

Sexy Reads – Mrs. Sexy

mrs. Sexy is the true story of a devoted wife of 21 years. Juliet Adelaide takes us along on her journey of new found sexual freedom.  She and her husband have agreed to open their marriage to new sexual experiences. The couple delve into a world of strippers, threesomes, and lovers on the side.  Her husband loves his wife’s new sexual excitement and reaps the benefits…in the beginning. The game changes as Juliet becomes emotionally involved with a variety of younger men who come into her life. She vows to keep her marriage sexy and exciting but Juliet’s relationships between her and her younger lovers complicate her life in ways she hadn’t imagined.

Excerpt from Chapter 10: The Broadway Bums

I arrived at Nick’s apartment and was offered a beer.  He seemed a bit quiet, maybe a bit distant.  We got to his room and sat on his bed and chatted.  I wanted to know his plan for the evening, but he would only tell me that, a bit later, we will have a knock on his bedroom window.  I still didn’t know what was planned.  I am not sure to this day what was planned.  Nick was full of double talk that night.  I always felt that he was mostly honest with me.  I knew of his adventures with other women, but at least he had always seemed truthful.  He was starting to tell me that he was perhaps getting serious with a woman… as he was kissing me.  Then he was undressing me.  We talked as we fooled around, it was a bit odd.  I straddled his cock and asked if this is like a farewell fuck then.  He said no and laughed, but I knew that I was right.  It was actually quite nice. He seemed to enjoy me sucking his cock and fucking me more than he did the previous week.  He fucked me from behind and knowing it was probably my last time with Nick, I rubbed myself to ensure I came with Nick one more time, and I did. He came on me again and another white t-shirt was used for clean up.  No wonder his t-shirts are always wrinkled.  He held me a bit, we chatted and laughed.  In true Nick fashion he spilled beer all over me as I was getting dressed. We still were waiting for the knock at window which signified something which I still didn’t quite know.  I asked Nick if I could jump in the shower as now I had cum and beer all over me.  If what was to happen next was what I thought in any way, it really didn’t make a good first impression.  I showered and dressed and told Nick that I was going out for a smoke. When I came in we chatted and waited a bit more.


The knock at the window came.  Then a voice asked what now, was he supposed to stand outside and jack off in the bushes?  We laughed.  Nobody appeared to know what to do now. We met Max out front. This felt a bit awkward.  I had only hung out with Max the one time, and now I was going to have sex with him?  Was Nick joining us in round two?  I still didn’t  know what was going on, and they probably had some plan that I was unaware of.  It didn’t seem fair.  I really felt like I should have been mad at Nick.  Why did he think that he could just hand me over to a friend?  I felt a bit like discarded property to be honest. It seemed like an easy out for him, and my feelings were hurt. What had happened that he didn’t want to keep our agreement up? Nick had given me the story of some girl he was seeing that he was going to try and see more exclusively, and he also said something about Max needing me.  I would have been pissed if Max wasn’t so hot and so sweet too. Nick knew that I would like Max probably just based on the fact that Max was 6’4,” and he knew I had a thing for tall guys.

We went upstairs to his patio for a smoke, and the guys had a beer.  I was still in the dark about what was supposed to happen.  Nick was hanging around, so I thought maybe he did plan to join in with Max.  We chatted a while and then went into Max’s room.  It was another boy’s room, just a bed and a nightstand really, nothing on the walls etc.  Max had a round bed, well a round mattress on the floor.  Odd.  Max put some music on his ipod and Nick hung around.  They were out of beer, so after a brief discussion between the guys, Nick said he would run over to the liquor store.  I asked Nick to get me a bottle of water.  I had to drive quite a ways to get home, so I could never really drink much when I was out on Broadway.  It was kind of a bummer, but I usually had kind of a natural high out there, so it wasn’t too bad.


While Nick was gone, I laid down with Max on his bed.  He smiled at me and looked me in the eyes.  Damn.  I knew that now I was going to get hooked on Max.  We kissed.  He kissed as though he meant it.  Sensual kisses, probably the best of all the good kissers that I had recently experienced.  I asked Max about Nick’s presence and if he was staying or not.  Max was also a bit confused saying he didn’t know either.  We laid there kissing for a while and Nick returned shortly with beer but not my water.  Are you fucking kidding me?  He always has a way to make me feel unimportant.  Max jumped up and got me some water.  It got more confusing.  Nick and Max opened their beers, and we all were laying in Max’s bed listening to music and chatting some more.  I was laying with Max, facing him, and Nick climbed up next to me, behind me.  I guessed that we were about to have a threesome especially when Nick was kissing me and removed my panties.   It was nice to be laying there with these two hot guys kissing me and touching me, but it stopped abruptly and Nick got up.  I’m not sure if there was some code between the guys, if this was just always the plan, or if messing with me was just fun for Nick. We said goodbye to Nick as he left, and it went back to being just me and Max.

I was glad that it was just the two of us. My threesome history wasn’t glorious, and I’d rather get to know Max alone.  After getting totally undressed, we laid together kissing for a long time.  He seemed to enjoy holding me, touching me, just being close with me.  It was very enjoyable.  I felt happy and wanted again.  Things progressed slowly which gave us time to enjoy the moments.  He was very happy when he was on his back, and I got between his legs to suck his cock.  He watched me.  I started teasing the tip of his cock, licking and spitting to get some moisture started.  I would look up at Max, and he was really watching me as I tended to his cock.  I would suck as far down as I could go then lick back up the shaft.  I would suck and lick and stroke and whenever I would look up, Max would be smiling down at me.  He said he could just do this all night.  I told him that I couldn’t and laughed, although I did do it for a while.  He went down on me and told me that he doesn’t always do this, but he really wanted to please me.  It was all going very well.  We were having a very sensual, satisfying time without rushing anything, and we both seemed to enjoy each other. He asked me to 69 him which wasn’t my favorite thing, but I did it for a bit. He put a condom on, and entered me as I was on my back. He was still really looking at me.  He was so hot.  He fucked me for a while getting more and more intense.  He put my legs up on his shoulders and I came as he fucked me this way.  He got me on my knees for some more fucking.  He made some comment about the condom, so I told him that if he preferred he could take it off and cum on my face or elsewhere.  He seemed surprised but excited at the prospect.  I was laying on my back and he straddled me while sticking his cock back in my mouth. He asked me to put a finger in his ass, but I informed him that that’s really more of a second date item for me.  He pulled out shortly thereafter and came on my face, neck and chest.  He seemed to cum for a long time, and I had cum pooling up on my chest.  There was a lot.  Luckily, I had wet wipes and tissues.  We laughed a bit.  He laid down and held me.  He smiled at me more and said my name as if he just liked saying it. So cute. He even let me smoke my e cigarette in bed. We had a really nice time.  I texted the word “both” to my hubby, had a smoke on the patio with Max, and he kissed me goodbye.


As I headed home for my reclaiming by my husband, I realized that this would be a night that I would be with three men.  I felt pretty crazy.  That night my reclaiming would also be more serious due to the nature of my previous activities.  I, of course, had to tell all of the details of the evening to my husband as he started my reclaiming process and there was more information than usual.  What I didn’t know is that he had purchased an additional piece of equipment for the evening.  He blindfolded me and tied me up even handcuffing me with my hands behind my back, which he knew made me uncomfortable.  He tied my feet to the spreader bar as he had done before, but now, there was a new attachment.  I couldn’t see, but I was advised by hubby that an additional piece was added where a dildo could be attached and inserted just barely into my pussy.  He soon had me rigged up.  I could still talk, so I had to convey details of my actions that evening as I was being tied up and fondled.  He put his cock in my mouth after telling many details.  He soon realized that if he made me gag, I would clench up, and it would force me to squeeze the dildo deeper into me.  It wasn’t a bad feeling, but it was peculiar.  He had some fun with me like this for a while.  It didn’t last too long and soon the dildo was replaced by his cock.  My third for the night.  He undid me after a while, and we fucked to mutual orgasm, also my third of the night.  I slept well which was good as I had a date with Chris the next night.

I drove over to Chris’s house quite late and was met by immediate kissing and fondling.  I made a joke about getting right down to business, and he responded only that he had been waiting too long to see me and wanted to be with me right away. It was kind of hot to know that he had been looking forward to it so much.  We went upstairs to his room.  He had me undressed and was eating me out within minutes.  He told me that when there’s three of us, he doesn’t feel like he gets to concentrate on me enough.  Who was I to argue?  He spent time pleasuring me in different ways before I returned the favor.  He always liked me sucking his cock but seemed quick to want to fuck that night.  He liked it best when I straddled him on top, so I rode him for a while. Soon I was back up on my knees before he ended up pulling out and asking if he could cum on my face.  Guys do seem to have their preferences.  He held me for quite some time after, and we chatted for a bit before I needed my smoke.  We sat out by the pool and caught up with what was going on in each others lives.  He didn’t know about my Broadway Bums, and for some reason, I was keeping it that way.  Only hubby and I would know that I had four men in two days.

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Juliet Adelaide

Juliet Adelaide has a Bachelor's degree in Humanities and Culture from Arizona State University. She started dating her husband at the young age of 17. They lived together while she attended college and often even worked at the same job. After they were married, they spent all of their free time traveling with a particular love of France. They are a devoted couple who only recently opened their marriage to new sexual experiences. "mrs Sexy" is Juliet's first book, and she takes you through all of the most personal moments of her adventures in becoming a hotwife. She has completed two sequels in the series "mrs Sexy- Under the Influence" and "mrs Sexy- It's Complicated". She will soon release the three books together as "The mrs Sexy Chronicles."


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