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Four Festive Lingerie Ensembles to Try on This Christmas


Four Festive Lingerie Ensembles to Try on This Christmas

Tis’ the season for long nights snuggling up with your partner while chestnuts are roasting on an open fire and Jack Frost is nipping at your nose. While you both are getting into the holiday cheer (after all the presents are wrapped and decorations are hung) why not get a little frisky? Below are four hot merry numbers (all of which could be thrown together with items you already have in your closet) for the ladies to try out. Your partner will definitely want to unwrap you faster than the gifts under the Christmas tree or menorah.

Frosty the Snowwoman Throw on one of your white or cream babydoll style camis, a (preferably) silky scarf and borrow a black top hat to complete the cool snowwoman outfit. Adding some glitter in your hair or putting on some glittery eye makeup for a shimmery look and it’ll be like you were kissed by Frosty himself. To improve this outfit, you could play up the domanatrix role as a frigid dom to top your partner. I’m sure your partner will gladly take orders from Ms. Frosty.

Santa’s Little Helper  Keep this ensemble simple or really go all out with the red and green with this sexy getup. This one is easy to play around with and can also be turned into a role play should your partner be open to playing the man with the long white beard and donning on the bright red suit. Start by wearing a red slip or satin kimono and top it off with a Santa hat. You could also add some fishnet stockings or to keep it playful by putting on some red and green knee high socks or stockings. As Santa’s little helper, you’ll need to help your partner get you out of your hot lingerie and into the sheets.

Mistletoe Minx  For this outfit, switch up the red lingerie for some green satin slips or a corset and thong instead; slip on some sexy high heels for some extra sass. Finish your outfit with a few branches of mistletoe—one for over the doorway and a few for sexy time. You can find mistletoe during the holiday season at many craft stores. Use the mistletoe to direct your partner to the areas you want them to spend more time focusing on with their mouth then have your partner use their mistletoe so you can do the same for him.

Angelic Harlot This ensemble is all about being the virtuous angelic saint and the harlot sinner at the same time, so add in splashes of red to show your sinful side. You can easily reuse the white slip that you put on for Frosty the Snowwoman or try a silver babydoll slip with a white thong. If you have a halo or wings left over for Halloween, now would be a great time to use them! Add some red heels, red lipstick red underwear, red fishnets or a red scarf to showcase your inner harlot. Your partner won’t know which side of you they’ll be getting … the angel or the little elfish devil.

With that, I leave you to spread some holiday cheer in the bedroom. Happy Holidays … and a sizzling hot night to all 😉

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Nicole Nelson

A queer, non-monogamous, vegetarian, feminist. Nicole is currently a practicing clinical social worker doing family therapy with a focus on couples therapy and LGBTQ issues. Nicole has worked in the fields of gender and sexuality for the past four years through her academic career and started out in the field at the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health in Rhode Island. Nicole is also a part of the LGBTQ Domestic Violence Coalition in Boston, MA. She continues to grapple with sexuality goodness through her outreach and freelance work.


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