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Sexy Santa Holiday Lingerie


Sexy Santa Holiday Lingerie

There is something to be said about a woman slipping into a particular piece of lingerie. With so many pieces to choose from, how do you determine which type of lingerie and color that is right for you. This holiday season, give the gift that he or she won’t forget. Nothing has a more powerful effect than the color red. It’s bright, warm and inviting. It is the one colored lingerie that every woman needs to have in her top drawer. Men are drawn to red as if it were a magnet, so ladies, this is your opportunity to really let your hair down and plunge into a sexier ‘you.’ I guess my question is; how over the top do you want to go? Ask yourself: “Have I been naughty or nice?” Its ok if your answer is nice, but really… this is your one time a year when you certainly don’t want to show your partner your lighthearted side. Seize the moment and let the slut come out. Role-playing is what every man dreams of but most of the time, he’s too afraid to act on it.

Most couples are just way too predictable. More often than not, they get so used to each other’s companionship that they fall into habits and before you know it, the romance gets stale and fantasies go right out the window. Ladies, come on, it’s the 21st century … get a little feisty! Show your mate that you’ve been a very naughty girl this year. What goes on behind closed doors starts with something as easy as teasing and can turn into a hot steamy night of dirty, kinky, sweaty sex like you’ve never had before. This holiday season, many women are choosing to surprise their partner with something erotic and playful. Lets face it, men love to fantasize and women certainly know how to deliver. This is the season to give into his every wish and get naughty! It’s time to put a spin on the ordinary whimsical holiday and take him off to his own little piece of holiday paradise. Close your eyes and imagine … over the river and through the woods to an erotic place you both will go.

With hundreds of items to choose from, your choice of your size or shape is endless. Our most popular is the unwrap me holiday bow teddy. It’s sexy and when you slip into this, you’ll be the only present he sees underneath his Christmas tree. Holiday babydoll lingerie is great if you want to play it safe and yet be sensual at the same time. Not all women feel comfortable enough in their own skin to wear something quite so titillating and that’s ok. Looking for something to show off your sexy curves? A red or green chemise is a perfect alternative and they generally come with attached garters so that you can add thigh highs and heels to complete the ensemble. There are also bra sets where you can select something less or more risqué in reds or blacks. If you want to show him a kinky side of you, buy a pair of sexy leather thigh high boots to accommodate the undergarments. Panties and pasties also come in a variety of exquisite styles and sometimes, less is more.

If you want to play the role of Santa’s helper and give him something to remember this holiday season, slip into your sexy Santa baby costume and deliver a holiday treat that he’ll remember all year round. This is your one chance for good girls to go bad for a day, but don’t stop simply with an outfit for yourself. There are plenty of gift ideas for him such as naughty candy cane thongs, reindeer thongs, etc., to bring out his erotica side. Not convinced guys? Then the more ‘play it safe’ Santa boxers are the perfect choice. Remember, foreplay is what sets the tone so don’t be afraid to unleash your wild side. This is the once a year ‘get out of jail’ free card, so unleash the naughty side of you already and get your falala on!

Feature image courtesy of Michele Savin
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Michele Savin

Michele Savin, born and raised a Youngstown Ohio native, currently residing in Cleveland Ohio is a single mother of two children both residing in NYC. Besides running her two online lingerie stores; Simply Delicious Lingerie and Simply Luscious Lingerie (a plus size boutique) she enjoys concerts, sporting events, travel, cooking and gardening. In her free time when she is not jet setting abroad or to a tropical island somewhere on vacation she is in Manhattan (her second home) spending quality time with family. Her children are her rock and her true inspiration and they are what makes her push herself more every day. No strangers to retail and social media networks, they give her guidance with her businesses. Her son, a business major in the elite retail fashion industry of Manhattan and a daughter, a marketing major with the NFL. Michele's goals are to continue educating women and men about intimate apparel and underthings, to promote sexy lingerie at discounted prices so that all women can afford intimate apparel and to inspire women to feel confident about their body regardless of her shape, size and weight. Get in touch with Michele via email at


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