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What To Consider Before You Buy Her Sexy Lingerie?

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What To Consider Before You Buy Her Sexy Lingerie?

Sexy lingerie is one of the best ways to make your spouse or your girlfriend feel extremely attractive and seductive. So why is that exactly? Well, to be more specific, shopping for that special person, erotic lingerie helps her realize that you find her equally sexy, attractive and desirable altogether. Nevertheless, there are so many types of fine lingerie it might be a tough job to select the right pair for her. In this article, we will give you all the keys you need to make sure that the next lingerie you will offer, will be a hit.

Why do men have hard time choosing the right lingerie set?

Any occasion provides an appropriate moment for a thoughtful gift of sexy lingerie set for your loved one but buying a woman sexy lingerie can be a bit intimidating and sometimes clueless, especially if the woman is new in man’s life.

In many cases, a man’s taste in fashion is often different then her’s and his choices would not match what the woman would want to wear, which make the man feel tense.

It could be that he doesn’t fully understand sizes and will shop for a product of smaller size or perhaps too large. Maybe he doesn’t understand what designs are appropriate for that particular woman’s body. Or maybe the material is uncomfortable and itchy and doesn’t feel right when on. Not only do we understand the stress of finding a unique gift such as sexy underwear, but we are also here to help alleviate it!

Before a man decides on buying lingerie for his woman, he must keep in mind it’s not just about pleasing himself or choosing the thing that he likes, it’s supposed to be about what his significant other will like and more importantly, feel comfortable in.

Think about precisely what your intent is and also understand the occasion. And remember, all ladies lingerie is sexy lingerie.

How to choose the size of a lingerie set?

Before rushing out to buy her sexy lingerie, make certain you already have checked lingerie size of your loved one:

  • Check her wardrobe for the size of her lingerie.
  • Ask her sister maybe or close friend to know the size you need to choose.
  • Do the clothes washing so that you can check out the measurements.

In case you really are unable to find the size then it might be advisable choosing some nice lingerie that does not need to have the exact size for instance nightwear, such as a gown and attractive baby doll.

Which colour should you choose?

When considering sexy lingerie, colour plays an important part in increasing her sexiness and the main goal is to go for a colour that matches her skin tone.

  • For the lady who is relatively pale skin, black colour is a fantastic contrast which will improve her appearance.
  • For a tanned woman, white colour will surely have an exquisite effect. Ultimately, if you wish to have your both hearts racing, red-coloured might be the desirable option.

Or course, colourful sets would match any skin tones but that all depends of her preferred colours and the way she looks as well. For instance, you can also decide based on her hair colour:

  • Pastels for blondes.
  • Red, purple and teal for brunettes.
  • Blue and green for redheads.

And if you are just not sure about the colour, the safest is to go with the black colour, it’s universal in the lingerie world.

Make sure to get a comfy material as well

The comfort is a must. If she doesn’t feel comfortable when wearing your gift, she might not feel right and the magic can go away fast, so bear that in mind.

She has to be able to wear lingerie during long periods. She needs to feel relaxed and comfortable and focused on you rather than spending time adjusting straps or pinching the thongs. It is best to look for the lingerie created out of high-quality materials.

You will certainly find different materials of lingerie too like satin, lace, silk, jersey, sheer, nylon but high-quality lingerie may cost a bit more but is worth the extra investment.

  • Lace: Might be sometimes slightly scratchy or itchy, however, is perfectly okay for looser fitting pieces. You will discover now lace materials that are made from polyester mixtures as they are a lot more comfortable compared to standard lace.
  • Silk: Definitely a risk-free choice. Only a small number of ladies will buy silk underwear for themselves, which means you can certainly make an impact by getting her some bras and panties made out of silk.
  • Lycra: This will be form-fitting, adjustable and also incredibly comfy, but make sure to choose the accurate size.
  • Polyester/polyamide: This fabric was once known as “nylon blend”, and is much like without exception comfortable, sensuous and long-lasting.

Body Shape

You must keep in mind her body shape when choosing nice lingerie. A chemise can flatter a fuller figure and also skim the hips. For smaller ladies, a fitted piece with a push-up or padded bra is usually preferable. If she has great long legs, stockings and suspenders are a way to go.

It doesn’t make any difference the amount of money you need to spend, you can find a wide selection of sexy lingerie as well as accessories that will help spice things up just like silk stockings, garters, suspender belts, nightwear, sexy negligees, and sexy costumes, the list goes on.

There are so many different types of sexy lingerie, so don’t restrict yourself to one model but check out various choices like a babydoll, or attractive sensuous teddy, but also a fine sexy gown dresses and the good thing is that online shops like Take Toys have hundreds of lingerie sets for women so you have plenty of possibilities to do the right gift to the one you love. You can easily find the style and design you are searching for along with their great prices.

Choose from the exquisite range of lingerie collection today and get ready to leave your partner stunned. Buying sexy lingerie will make her feel and look hot, and good things will come your way when that happens.

P.S. Don’t forget to get the gift wrapped for a better presentation!

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