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Experience An Erotic Massage

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Experience An Erotic Massage

Erotic massages are an intimate and sensual alternative to relaxing one’s muscles, in addition to other erogenous body parts, such as the genital area; in males’ this would be the penis and females’ the vagina. However, I find a lot of my male clients also enjoy having their nipples pinched, bitten and even playfully slapped and that would be in a basic massage session. There are so many ways to arouse someone without engaging in full intercourse. I can’t speak for all men because there are differing levels of erotic massage that appeal to a man’s sexual needs and fantasy.

For example, Tantra and Bondassage are a different form of massage, which I am not full trained in as yet. However, what I do offer are sensual intermediate to advanced massage sessions that would appeal to a gentleman who is either new to the world of erotic indulgences and maybe hesitant to ‘jump the sheets’ as I like to call it, or a gentleman who may be seeking a healthy, sexually charged massage session that stimulates him beyond the usual rub and tug method. I find that my clients enjoy my massage sessions because it allows them to completely surrender both mentally and physically for a period of time while their body and emotional state are positively realigned through my sensual, intuitive touch.

Setting The Mood

I am usually booked exclusively as an outcall massage consultant, that would be when I visit the client at his hotel suite or private residence. I find that this arrangement works best for me and my clients because my niche market tends to be traveling professionals who are visiting Toronto on business. However, when I do host at my private, central location in downtown Toronto, Canada, I usually have my massage table set up with the appropriate amount of linens, his and her bath robes, various scented and non-scented oils, a bottle of wine as well as a selection of music which includes: Bossa Nova, and Jazz & Blues. I am always tastefully coordinated in a lovely lingerie ensemble or sometimes I’ll just wear a silk robe with my birthday suit underneath it, this usually happens when I know I will be performing a body-slide during his massage session, but most of the time I am wearing something exceptionally titillating to begin with.

Pre-Massage Preparation

Well, once he has passed my screening and all of his information checks out, I usually like to schedule a time to speak via phone to get a sense of his personality and also to find out if he has any particular request of me. Usually he may have something specific he would like me to wear, for example I get a lot of request for stockings and the highest heels I can reasonably balance myself in! Those requests are always on standby in my lingerie wardrobe. Other requests may be a selection of music I would have to download onto my iPod the night before or ensuring I have the type of massage oil on hand for his session. I myself usually workout at least 3-4 times a week because performing the perfect body-slide takes a lot of energy physically, especially if his physique is considerably larger than the average male.

Body Parts Of His To Concentrate On

Everything. My massage session usually begins with a basic soft tissue massage, which slowly builds to a sensually charged body to body treatment that incorporates me using my hands, elbows, breast, and lips (and sometimes my feet if my client is leaning towards a more fetish type of massage experience). I’ve been told that I’ve touched places on my client’s body that he has never had stimulated before. Other tools I may utilize other than massage oils include: feathers, hot candle wax and textured massage gloves. I am very much a naturalist and do not usually experiment with sex toys, unless my client has requested I bring a few at the time of his booking. I have also recently introduced a post massage body scrub that involves me and my client completing his session in the shower while I give him a deep body scrub using therapeutic bath minerals to further enhance his experience. I’ve literally had clients fall asleep shortly after we have finished his body scrub, it really is a nice treat to indulge in once you have completed the initial massage portion.

Experience It Now!

I’ve designed three signature massage sessions for novice and experienced clients to choose from: Exploring Sensual Massage – This package is best utilized as a tranquil introduction to sensual massage treatments. Your body is worked on by me from head to toe as you relax and allow my responsive hands to release any tension and stress you may have.

Reciprocal Sensual Massage – A slightly more advanced session, we are mutually exploring each other respectfully in response to our guided chemistry. You are encouraged to explore my physique simultaneously as I explore yours.

Executive Massage Treatment – Indulge deeper with me as we both explore each other in a more intimate session. Reciprocal massage included + full body contact (body-slide) on you (only). This package includes my post massage body scrub.

Overall, I’ve been told that my massage sessions are a relaxing, sensual experience. More info can be found on my site and also my personal blog where I’ve written a few articles further discussing the pros of sensual massage with me.

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