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How to Use Sex Toys like an All-Star – No Experience Required!

Sex Ed

How to Use Sex Toys like an All-Star – No Experience Required!

Maybe a new partner brings it up in conversation, or (perhaps worse) springs a surprise on you in the middle of the hot and the heavy. Maybe you’re curious about how to bring a current sex partnership to the next level, and you think sex with toys might be just the elevator you need.

Whatever the incentive, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to join in the fun, and feel confident doing it. We’ll give you some basic, ahem, assisted sex education to teach you how to use the most popular sex toys online today, so the next time someone brings up sex with toys, you can really get excited.

Do Your Research

Even assuming that you’re close to a brick-and-mortar adult toy store, asking the shopgirl at the local sex toys shop exactly where to put what (and in which situation!) can be pretty embarrassing. Save yourself the trouble and research your interests, then buy sex toys online. Established sites like Adult Force One: Porn toys provide a wealth of information that will undoubtedly come in handy when you’re sitting in a hot tub and wondering if that vibrator is waterproof.

This is doubly important when you’re considering testing the limits of your new sex toy – will you need lube, an extra set of batteries, or a condom over top? Don’t risk what you don’t have to, either in wasted time or in bodily harm. Reading the descriptions and the reviews of sex toys online before your first encounters help to ensure that every experience is a fun one.

Know Thy Toy

Clit stimulators serve a different master than G-Spot stimulators. A vibrating ring will help a man get to the point, and palm-sized, squishy vibrators fit lovingly between two down and dirty bodies. When you’re confused about which of those online sex toys will make you the real-life star of the bedroom, first consider where you most keenly feel emptiness in your sex life, and then buy the toy that, well, fills the hole. 😉

Know Thyself

The best way to learn how to use a new sex toy is to try it on yourself – yes, we are officially, enthusiastically encouraging you to masturbate! See how different types of silicone feel in different places; note your special spots (left side or right?), and your preferred methods (vertical or horizontal rubbing?).

Know Thy Partner

If you know already know that your partner is thoroughly into sex with toys, it’s time to experiment with their bodies, too! If you’re not comfortable explaining that you just learned how to use sex toys by reading about differences and usages of sex toys online, feel free to pretend it’s a game of discovering your partner’s specific preferences. After all, one person’s dream of vibrating anal beads is another’s nightmare, whereas the latter might enjoy soft nipple stimulation with them.

The best advice is to go slowly, be respectful, enjoy yourself – and never shy away from reading the directions!

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