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What I look for in a Penis

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What I look for in a Penis

My name is Aria Mae and I currently reside in California.

What goes through my mind when a guy’s penis for the first time

“Haha penis.” I’m only joking. I take my time admiring a mans’ member, mostly because I am fascinated by the human anatomy. I enjoy gently stroking and teasing him at first. It’s my way of getting to know the persons body, as well as their sensitive spots.

Does size matter to you…

In a nutshell, yes that’s all matters. To a point, of course. Every female is different; their anatomy is different. Take me for instance. I have a very tight and narrow set vagina. I can’t handle anything larger than a certain size. Contrary to popular belief, bigger is not always better. Now, having said that, a micro penis might not do the trick. When it is smaller than 3-4 inches in length, there needs to be more play involved. This means there should be more individual attention given to both partners so they may both achieve a pleasurable orgasm/experience. Such as oral and other stimulation.

How about thickness?

As I mentioned above, I do not play too well with larger penis sizes, but I have had partners with large members. My trick is always to ease into every movement. NEVER disregard foreplay in this situation. It’s easy for men (and the occasional woman) to jump the gun and go straight for penetration. Take it slow. Sex is not something to rush into, nor is it a race to the finish line. Give every movement with the intention of tantalizing your partner. This will help relax a woman and in turn make her more accessible. On the topic of oral, don’t be afraid to just tease the tip. You don’t have to make it an obvious thing that you can’t fit your partners entire member in your mouth. Here’s a trick— Use both hands gripping the shaft, turning your right hand clockwise and the other counter clockwise, with the tip as far in as you can bare and just let the moves come naturally. Always read his body language and energy.

What happens if his penis is curved

I want to lead my answer with this: If you are a man, and your penis has a curve or any other feature you might see as a deformity, embrace it. No one else will be able to inflict such a distinct stimulation. I love the male anatomy regardless of size, shape, curvature or color. As long as you’re healthy, clean and respectful of my body in return, we’re good to go! Taking into consideration that every penis is different and the curvature can differ from one to another, there will always be positions that feel just a little better with a certain guy. For instance, if his penis curves to the right, try the side position.

Is sex all about the penis?

So many factors go into sex. It’s not just whether or not the man has a penis. He’ll most likely have one, and it’ll be all dandy. What a man really needs to learn is how to focus his mind on the woman. Get on her wavelength and read her body language. Some women can’t speak up in bed and will let the man do as he pleases. This is wrong. Women want men to know all the tricks, yet barely give advice or constructive feedback. I’ve always been honest with my partners in any regard. I want them to excel as lovers for myself and others. A man also should take the time to learn his body, just as a woman should. Kegel exercises aren’t just for women. Men should do them as well. This will help with stamina as well as intensify the end orgasm.

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