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How to make Skype sex amazing

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How to make Skype sex amazing

Hey, I’m Jenna. I’m 22 years old. I live in Colorado, and I work full-time as a front desk agent at a hotel and part-time as a camgirl doing private shows over Skype. I’m also in a long-distance open relationship, so I regularly have Skype sex not only with paying customers but also with my long-distance boyfriend, multiple times a week. I started doing cam shows, and selling my used panties online, a few months ago when I moved to Colorado from New Jersey.  I got into it because my boyfriend Chris* said that my panties smelled so good, I should sell them. He was joking, but I started selling my panties and, from there, began camming.


I love Skype Sex!

There’s something really fun and playful about it, because at times you’re “pretending” to have sex. I love dirty talk, and Skype is a great place for dirty talk. Plus, I’m a bit of an exhibitionist, so showing off for the camera gets me excited. It can also be a great way to spice up your sex life, especially if there’s a woman in the relationship who has a hard time cumming from penetration. With my boyfriend, Skype sex has been amazing. At its best, it is the personal gratification of masturbating, plus all the shared joy and intimacy of sex with someone you love. I’m talking about crazy multi-orgasmic Skype sessions.

With clients, I love Skype sex for similar reasons. It’s not just the gratification of getting to fuck myself properly, but also to develop a vibe with another person. With some clients, we’re quiet, and with others, we talk dirty the whole time. One of my favorite clients doesn’t let me cum until I ask him, and we often cum at the same time. With clients, it feels like more like performing, even if I cum, but it’s still great.

During Skype sex, my boyfriend once got jealous and said “This is just another cam show to you, isn’t it?” And I was taken aback, because it’s so different. Of course, when it comes to sex, nothing beats the real thing. I’ve found that with a relationship partner, Skype sex doesn’t cut it after a while and we’re longing to hold each other again.


It’s easier to get started than you think!

There’s no special ritual involved, I just have to feel good emotionally. Regardless of whether we get naked ten minutes or two hours into a virtual conversation, my boyfriend and both have to feel like our emotional needs are being met before we feel like having sex – just like in real life. If we’re having a disagreement or we just need someone to talk to, we have to talk before we feel like having Skype sex. There’s no special preparation because we don’t plan for Skype sex, we let it happen spontaneously. We video chat in our respective bedrooms so we can get naked if the mood strikes.

The good thing about it not being real sex is that you don’t have to both be physically ready to start the action. I have a higher sex drive than my boyfriend, so he often makes me wait or doesn’t join me in masturbating if he wants to hang out without (virtually) fucking. If I’m not wet yet, I just watch him masturbate.

With clients, I just like to be hydrated, and dressed in something cute. If I really need it, I will take the day off. I want it to be fun, not a chore. And weed helps me get horny.

Booty 1

Dress the part

I like babydoll tops, matching pajama sets, dresses, and good old nudity. Again, I don’t plan for Skype sex, I just try to wear sexy things whenever I Skype in the privacy of my bedroom. It’s fun to get on camera and not reveal until halfway through the conversation that I’m wearing no pants, just a thong. If we’re talking about sex and my boyfriend gets horny, he says “guess what?” and then pans the camera down to show me that he’s pulled out his hard cock. I like it when he does that and I don’t expect it (as long as he’s not interrupting me when I’m talking).

Tips for men

If your girl likes eye contact during sex, remember to look into the camera, not just at the screen. Put on a show. If you see your girl’s eyes light up when you do something, try doing it more. I like my man to squeeze his dick, rub it faster and then nice and slow, and then with two hands, and then play with the head, etc.  As you get good at it, you won’t just be sitting there repetitively jerking off. Ask your partner to do things you want him/her to do, and ask them what they want you to do. “Direct” each other. And remember that dirty talk is your friend.


First time advice for couples

Work on having trust in each other. Make sure you’re okay being vulnerable in front of each other, because Skype sex can feel silly and awkward the first time, just like regular sex. A good “practice step” is to masturbate for/on each other in person. Masturbation feels vulnerable because it’s a private act, so if you masturbate for each other during live sex first, you will probably feel less awkward. If you think dirty talk is a good addition to skype sex, you can first practice with phone sex so you don’t have to look your partner in the eyes.

If you’re trying to initiate Skype sex for the first time, make sure that you two are each Skyping from a private place (of course) and not under time pressure. Have a conversation first, and maybe wait for sex to arise naturally in the conversation, so you can tell your partner what you wish you could do to them. If you’re long distance, you could go “Hey, I miss your ass/belly/face, can I see it again?” Ladies, you can ask your man to take off his shirt…and then his pants. When Chris and I first had Skype sex, we were talking about things we wish we could do to each other, and then I just started stripping and asked to see his dick. If your partner is less of a nympho, you might just have to ask them if they want to get naked on Skype with you. Use your words. I’ve never planned a Skype session specifically to have sex, we just start stripteasing a little on camera if I get horny.


How to make Skype sex amazing

Play with camera angles!! Sometimes, my boyfriend shows me just his dick, or just his face, or both. I like to masturbate without letting him see any more than my upper body, and then by the end I’m spreading my pussy for the camera so he can see inside.

Let each other say and do anything without judgement. Before I had Skype sex with Chris, we had phone sex. He felt awkward, so I did most of the talking the first few times, and eventually we stopped worrying that we sounded stupid or repetitive. One time I told him that I wanted to call him Daddy but that I felt silly and shy about it. He said, “You can call me Daddy if you want to. You don’t have to be embarrassed that you want to suck Daddy’s cock.” He got really into it, calling me a good girl and everything. I get wet just thinking about it. After that point, I felt like I trusted him with all my sexual quirks, so I could say or do anything, and Skype sex was no biggie. Communication and trust are key. Duh! Haha. I can’t believe I’m saying that, because it’s so cliche, but it’s true for pretty much every aspect of sex and relationships. Skype sex is a great place to try out your wildest fantasies. Happy sexing!

On, I sell private Skype sessions, pre-made and custom-made videos and photos, used panties, used socks, and anything else your heart desires. I have basically no taboos. Check me out and chat with me to fulfill all your fetishes. View my profile and links below to follow me!


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Jenna Devine

Hey, I'm Jenna. I'm 22 years old. I live in Colorado, and I work full-time as a front desk agent at a hotel and part-time as a camgirl doing private shows over Skype.


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