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Is sex without a condom more enjoyable?

Sex Ed

Is sex without a condom more enjoyable?

Hello readers, I’m Leanna Monroe, a transgender female that works in the adult porn industry. I’m 28 years old and from a small village called Woodsfield Ohio. I started working in the porn industry in June 2014. Since then I have finally loved my job!

My views on sex are probably a lot different than most of the “so called normal society”. I believe you can be in a committed relationship, and still have sex with others. When I am on set, sex is my job and has absolutely no feelings behind it.  Whereas sex with my fiance is completely different, we actually make love. Having sex with others also allows you to explore your sexuality as well as things your life partner may not be into. Just cause someone has sex with someone else while in a relationship, doesn’t mean they don’t love that person, it just means they have sexual desires that needs fulfilled. Sex is art! All art is beautiful regardless who it is with!

Photo credit: Leanna Monroe

Photo credit: Leanna Monroe

Safe sex is extremely important these days with all of the STD’s that are out there. But at the same time I must agree with the men on this! Sex is much more enjoyable without a condom!  For myself, if I have sex outside of the porn industry I always use condoms! Condoms take the amazing feeling away! You don’t get the full sensation as you would without! Plus me, personally would rather have sex without a condom!  Not only does it feel better but the actual penetration feel of a rock hard cock pounding me feels amazing!

I also freaking love cum! I love the feeling of a hot dude busting a load deep in me and feeling it drip out of my tight little ass, or blowing it all over my face! To say the least, I love cum!!! Which is why I completely enjoy working in the porn industry, cause everyone I work with has the lab work showing they’re clean! So I get good wild sex and lots of cum! So if you know you are and your sex parnter is 100% clean, enjoy some sex without the condoms, if not always practice SAFE sex!

When enjoying sex while your partner/partners uses a condom, first find the condoms that doesn’t kill most of the realistic feeling! If you have to, buy a few different kinds and see what you like best! You also know what you like and where the special spots are. I love toys!  So regardless of the toy I use I know my spots!  So if you have sex with a guy, take control get on top and ride that cock like it is yours and hit that G spot!

I know for myself that I can ride a cock and have multiple anal orgasms with or without a condom! Learn your body and figure out what you like! Never be scared to tell a man what to do!  Most men actually get more turned on when you tell them how to fuck you! When they are hitting that spot let them know! If you are willing to get naked in front of the guy, then be willing to tell him what you do and don’t like! Trust me, sex with or without a condom can be extremely enjoyable!  If you prefer not to use a condom, make your partner get tested. It’s not rude to be safe!

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Leanna Monroe

I'm Leanna Monroe a transgender female that works in the adult porn industry. I'm 28 years old from a small village called Woodsfield Ohio. I started working in the porn industry in June of 2014.


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