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Pinky Chiu reveals her sexy romantic getaway choice


Pinky Chiu reveals her sexy romantic getaway choice

Pinky Chiu is one of the contestants of Miss Hong Kong Diva 2015 which takes place tonight.  SimplySxy takes this opportunity to get her thoughts on it, her favourite body part and her idea of a romantic getaway.

SimplySxy: Hi Pinky, thank you for taking the time for this interview on SimplySxy. Can you tell us about yourself and where you’re from?

Pinky: Thanks for your invitation. I’m Pinky from Hong Kong and I just started my career in modelling. As I am still new to the industry, I am learning to be more out-going and build up my confidence as I go along.

SimplySxy: You’re a contestant of Miss Hong Kong Diva 2015. Please share with us more about this contest.

Pinky: Miss Hong Kong Diva 2015 is a competition looking for women who exude great style and personality with confidence, and having the change to express their own style without letting others influence who they are or who they should be.


SimplySxy: What’s your beauty regime like and what are your must have beauty products?

Pinky: My skin is sensitive, so I rarely use skin care products and makeup. Only if makeup is necessary, the cleansing step would be the most important and lotion which contains sheep placenta extract are my favourite and it is also good for dry weather.

SimplySxy: How would you define your personal dress style?

Pinky: Simple and neatly dressed. My clothes are usually of one colour and I love one piece clothing such as dresses. They are easy to carry and there isn’t a need to spend too much time to mix and match which is not my fancy.


SimplySxy: What do you love most about being a model?

Pinky: Before becoming a model, I was feeling inferior to everyone and inconspicuous. Modelling has made me sure of myself, I receive a lot of encouragement from people who praise me for my modelling. And, I have also become more talkative haha.

SimplySxy: Which is the favourite part of your body?

Pinky: My waist. I always have firm abs even if I seldom do exercise and don’t diet . Haha.


SimplySxy: If you had a choice of a sexy romantic getaway, what will it be?

Pinky: Candlelight dinners are not my type of romance. I prefer warmth, lying in bed in my lover’s arm, whispering to each other and then letting things happened.


SimplySxy: Thank you for the interview Pinky and all the best for Miss Diva 2015. One last questions before we end off, how do you define “sexy”?

Pinky: Sexy doesn’t mean having to be scantily or curvaceous. It’s more about your temperament and virtue. It’s hard to “see” it but just be confident and elegant.

Images courtesy of Pinky Chiu

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