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Helena Chan, sexy celebrity model and TV host from HongKong


Helena Chan, sexy celebrity model and TV host from HongKong

Meet the stunning Helena Chan, TV host, designer, and professional model who represented Hong Kong in Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 1.  Half Swedish and half Chinese, this exotic, stylish celebrity beauty has been on the cover of top fashion magazines, walked down the runway in multiple fashion shows and has even launched her own shoe collection.  Read the interview with Helena and the amazing photographs she has provided which we simply can’t get enough of!

SimplySxy: Hi Helena it’s a great pleasure to interview you on SimplySxy. You’ve gone from being a contestant on Asia’s Next Top Model in 2012 to one of the most recognisable faces now, hosting TV shows being and on the cover of fashion magazines. Tell us something about yourself that most of your fans wouldn’t expect.

Helena: One thing I think my fans don’t know about me is that I am pretty shy and find it hard to open up to new people. It takes a while before I feel comfortable being myself around someone I have just met.


SimplySxy: What’s something a guy can do to get your attention?

Helena: I think that kindness goes a long way. If a guy is kind and polite they instantly get my attention. There is nothing worse than a guy who is trying too hard to be cool, haha it’s a big turn off.

SimplySxy: Worst pick up line you’ve heard?

Helena: The worst pick up line would have to be this one time I was at a bar with my girlfriend having some drinks. This guy came up to me, stood in-between me and my friend (with his back to her) in mid conversation and asked me the strangest question. He asked “Would you like to see a photo of me topless on my phone?”. I was just stunned, and said no thanks, picked up my drink and moved to a table with my friend.

SimplySxy: You’ve shot some fantastic bikini and lingerie photos. What is your favourite lingerie you can’t do without?

Helena: I love lingerie, and hope one day to have the chance to design my own collection. One item I can’t live without is my favourite strapless black lace bra. It’s so comfortable and looks good under anything! I even wear it as a top sometimes with high waisted skirts and a simple jacket.


SimplySxy: Favourite part of your body?

Helena: My favourite body part are my legs. I never seem to gain weight on my legs, they are always long & slim.

SimplySxy: What is the sexiest/craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Helena: The craziest thing I have ever done is work for a year as a dancer in a burlesque club. I loved working there and dancing for an audience, it really gave me confidence and I felt empowered as a women.


SimplySxy: Do you have any exciting projects in the pipeline for 2015 which you like to share with our readers?

Helena: 2015 is going to be a crazy year for me. I am developing my shoe collection further and organising a launch event. (The Helena Chan Collection is now available at I am also going to be travelling all over Asia modelling as well as working on a pitch for my very own TV show. I love to keep busy.


SimplySxy: Thank you very much for the interview opportunity Helena. Before we go, we like to know how you define “sexy”.

Helena: There is nothing sexier than a person who had a good sense of humour. You can defiantly laugh a girl in to bed no matter what you look like, haha!

Can’t get enough of Helena?  Follow her on Instagram @thehelenachan and on Facebook

Images courtesy of Helena Chan

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