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Molly Truong, the hottest Entrepreneur, Mother and Gamer!


Molly Truong, the hottest Entrepreneur, Mother and Gamer!

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It’s not everyday you get to meet someone who is of Vietnamese, Chinese, Spanish, German, Puerto Rican and Irish ethnicity.   Put the best of them together and you get the gorgeous Molly Truong, whose beauty matches her business acumen,  running both the very successful Hot Import Nights and Fun Nights Out entertainment companies.  Constantly ranked as one of the hottest import models in the industry, Molly is one beautiful lady you can’t take your eyes off after setting them on her.

SimplySxy: Hi Molly, thank you for this opportunity to interview you on SimplySxy. Please share with us how you got into modeling?

Molly: It’s an honor to be considered for an interview! I got into modeling about 3–4 years ago when I was approached by a student photographer to be her test subject. Shortly after doing a couple of shoots with her, I noticed an ad from Prestigious Models and decided to submit myself. Next thing I know, I got accepted into the agency and quickly started networking to build my portfolio.


SimplySxy: What will you say has really changed about yourself since you started in the industry?

Molly: First off, I became a mother. Second, I would definitely say my business etiquette. I came into the industry as a freshman/sophomore studying International Business and Computer Science.

SimplySxy: You never fail to look amazing in all your photos. Is there a secret to looking so fantastic?

Molly: Being comfortable and confident is key, but definitely being on the same level of understanding with the photographer on the concept you’re trying to portray. I work with only a handful of photographers because I trust their skills and they’re supportive of any new ideas I throw at them. Other than that, I try to stay healthy so that my skin and figure don’t need retouching or editing. I’m not a fan of photoshop and like for my fans to see the real me. If there is any editing done on me, it’s mostly to remove a bruise I’ve attained from running into something! I’m incredibly clumsy.

SimplySxy: What makes a guy stand out to you?

Molly: I’m off the market, but what had attracted me to my man was his nurturing nature, kindness and interest in understanding me. I would constantly drive solo between NorCal and SoCal and he would always want to come along with to keep my company and to ensure I wouldn’t get into an accident. I was shocked someone would want to sit there for 5–7 hours per trip and spend that entire time talking to me and sharing our thoughts on certain ideas about the world. Our conversations range from music, life experiences, to the existence of Annunaki. I’m a huge SciFi nerd, so the fact that anyone wanted to sit there and talk about aliens for hours was pretty impressive.


SimplySxy: Your biggest sexual turn off?

Molly: Brains! I’m not easily impressed, but the depth of someone’s intelligence is always something to admire, whether it’s a turn on or not. With that being said, I’m more than happy with my partner’s gray matter!

SimplySxy: What do you think is your hottest asset?

Molly: My confidence and business skills. I have no fears and can generally pitch any crazy idea and make it happen. Physically, I believe my lips and my eyes are quite entrancing, or so I’ve been told.

SimplySxy: How will you describe your fashion style if you’re looking for a sexy night out?

Molly: I’m more of a home body, so my typical sexy night involves wearing sweats from the H&M mens’ department! For a fun night out, I’m extremely conservative so I’ll switch it up between urban and cocktail dresses. I have meetings throughout the day and evening, so my wardrobe tends to be multi-functional from fashionable corporate to instant night out attire.

SimplySxy: It has been a great pleasure to feature you on SimplySxy. Please tell us how you define “Sexy”. 

Molly: I define “sexy” as being able to exude confidence and portraying yourself in the most empowering way. I don’t believe it to be just a physical portrayal, like stripping down to your skivvies. I feel that people tend to be drawn to those who have a direction in life, the passion to achieve their goals, and ability to believe in themselves because it evokes something from within that sparks either admiration or inspiration. There’s nothing sexier than a woman or man that takes life by the horns and helps others to achieve that same mentality. Thank you so much for featuring me!

Can’t get enough of Molly Truong? Check out more of her photos on the next page and where to follow her online!

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