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Forced Bi: Myth or Real?


Forced Bi: Myth or Real?

Why do I ask if it’s a myth? Well, I have long made jokes about guys who ask to be made to suck cock…accusing them of just being cowardly bisexuals who needed a nudge to cross that line.

A mountain of personal experience is finally starting to convince me that straight guys DO exist who have no interest in gay activities without a female present. They have no desire to hook up with a guy online, go to a gay bathhouse, get drunk with a buddy and play hide the salami, watch gay porn, etc. They absolutely require a female they’re attracted to there…preferably in control and encouraging them to put that penis in their mouth…or lick those balls/ass, eat that cum, etc.


It’s like a FemDom version of ‘Bobbing For Apples’!

These days we are certainly learning that sexuality is not black and white. Gay, straight, bisexaul, pansexual, gay-situational, male, female, transgender, sissy, kinky, vanilla, Dom, sub, switch…on and on.

So folks, it’s complicated. It’s unfortunate that we get locked into labels & our feelings about those labels. I know many guys are really conflicted and confused about aspects of their sexuality. They really love women & are only attracted to women…yet really want to feel a dick in their mouth…maybe as an act of submission to the larger cock that gets to fuck the female of their desire (talking about a cuckolding scenario here).

Whatever the deep psychology of it is (I’m not really a therapist, I just play one in weird porn movies) I have met enough straight guys who want to suck dick (for me or with a woman present) to know they do exist. I can no longer deny it. Or mock it, as I’ve been known to do with a lot of eye-rolling, implying they were just closeted bisexuals who needed a shove.

So let your freak flag fly if you’re one of those guys…or whatever kind of freak you are. Thanks to the internet you can find others like you. The more we accept and even celebrate our differences the sooner we can ruin the hotness of feeling like we’re into some dark, twisted, taboo stuff that makes us a secret pervert, like a super hero secret. Wait, what did I just say? Yeah, that’s the flip side of all this information sharing…there was a time when secret inclinations explored on the down-low was a major part of what made it sexy. Overall I think it’s better for things to be out in the open…but there is a part of me that misses the days when I first started to explore kinky stuff & thought I was special. When I felt a bit of shame for being so perverted. Like chasing the dragon, you can never go back to your first time.

On that note…if you’re into Forced Bi stuff it’s a genre I’ve done a lot in. Why? Because it sells like crazy! Obviously there’s a huge demand for it. But also because I really enjoy it. A lot of women watch gay male porn or get aroused seeing two guys gettin’ freaky. I also get a thrill pushing men to do extreme things FOR ME, especially if it’s their first time. Hey, I can’t get a lot of my “first times” back (remember the chasing the dragon thing?) so I live vicariously through my puppets who experience new kinky things at my hands.

You can search “Forced Bi” on my clips store but I don’t use the word ‘forced’ on my members site (the payment processor doesn’t like it) so I call it ‘encouraged bi’…which really is more accurate anyway. The search function on my site works great:

3 copy

See the handy search field there? “Encouraged Bi” will lead you to all my “Forced Bi” stuff since I can’t use the word “Forced” on my site.



You can see the search field on my clips store too…you can also search the category “Forced Bi”

Mistress T

This article and all associated images have been republished with permission from Mistress T.
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Mistress T

Mistress T is well known in the FemDom fetish scene, specializing in cerebral role-play, cuckolding, humiliation, fetish hand jobs & sensual Domination. She’s been featured on the biggest FemDom fetish sites in the world & has run her own very successful members site & clips store for over 6 years. The last couple of years her blog has gained a lot of attention for revealing the person behind the persona.


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