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Cuckold Honeymoon Plans – A letter to my husband


Cuckold Honeymoon Plans – A letter to my husband

A letter to my soon to be cuckold husband regarding our forthcoming wedding.
To prepare for our honeymoon, you will be expected to make the arrangements. You will book us for a hotel suite, you know, where we occupy 2 rooms, and there is a door connecting the 2 rooms inside. You will need to book this kind of room so that I can continue cuckolding you when I like throughout our honeymoon. You will buy a box of condoms, the XL ones, and place it in my fuck room. I won’t have you stock the room with beverages, as I will just have you bring them as needed. It’s better if you do it while my lover is visiting, it makes things harder for you, and I like making things hard.

Our honeymoon will last for 3–6 nights, depending on how many times I can have how many lovers visit me, which is something I will work out for myself, however, you will receive many updates as news comes in.  I will excitedly share with you when I add a lover for the occasion, not only to humiliate you Cocky, I mean really, you will have to be informed of this so you know approximately how many condoms to have handy, how many beverages, and what type. You wouldn’t want your guests to go without while they are here to please your wife while you wait and listen.
Yes, your duties are many and it is sometimes a lot sometimes to keep track of. Sure, you suffer a bit throughout, as you must witness your wife getting well fucked by others. Sure, you have to clean up the mess after the party and your tongue abused by me in more ways than one. It’s all in the name of love, as cheesy as it is to say that. You are rewarded with my love and attention.  You should look forward to the honor of cleaning up after such a skilled man, who pleased your wife endlessly.
Tom will also be invited to my honeymoon fuck room. I would tell him to assume 2 rounds and more if we desire and are able.  Assuming he could visit 2 times and fuck come into my cunt 2 times, that’s 4 condoms full of manly, superior sperm for you to deal with. I know that’s a lot, but you should feel lucky I’m so picky and can’t have 4 suitable lovers, one for each night.  You do the math, that’s a lot of wedding gifts.
Your loving soon to be bride,

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Vanessa Chaland

Vanessa Chaland is an author, erotic furniture designer, a political activist, a pro-sex feminist, a workout and cooking/baking freak who became sexually dominant for tongue. :) Click on her links below to check her out!


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