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Interview with Roc Solid on Interracial Sex, MILFS and BBWs


Interview with Roc Solid on Interracial Sex, MILFS and BBWs

Roc Solid is an up and coming male pornstar from Philadelphia, PA who loves interracial sex, MILFS, and BBWs.  SimplySxy takes this unique opportunity to find out more about his interests!

SimplySxy:  What do you think is behind the phenomenon of interracial sex involving a BBC that makes it so fascinating?

Roc Solid: Well for me I truly believe that colour contrast is largely behind this phenomenon between a black male aP1370270nd a white, Asian, or Latina female. Not only is it a wonderful sight to see but the fact that black males have bigger dicks is what I think really turns a lot of women on. I have gotten plenty of compliments on that and also that our stamina is better than other males. Women love the fact that we can go for long hours at a time. For me, I love to add that dynamic in my films because people enjoy seeing a women getting pounded relentlessly. I also think that porn has had a lot to do with turning peoples attention to interracial sex, some good and some bad. I would say the common misconception is that everyone thinks that all black men are very well hung and that is NOT true. You see in porn films black men that are 10” and more, and plenty of women will tell you that taking a dick that size does not feel good all the time. I truly think that it’s how we fuck that women love so much.

SimplySxy:  What is it about the Swingers lifestyle that turns you on?  Can you give our readers who are keen to host a swingers party, tips to have one that does not disturb the neighbours or rooms next door?

Roc: The swingers lifestyle has been very good to me these past couple of years. I have been able to meet plenty of ladies who would be considered your “next door neighbour” but when they get behind closed doors turn into freaks. I also think that the “Hotwife” dynamic has played a huge part in how I am able to meet so many wives. Lets face it.  Husbands love seeing their wife fucking a black man and are very happy with them doing it. Nothing turns me on better than seeing a husband sitting and watching me fuck his wife and her cumming so many times because of it.

Well the huge tip that I would give is that if you’re going to host at your place, to do it at night and in a place where your neighbors won’t hear it. Also if the woman is a screamer, then playing music in the background is a great option.

SimplySxy: Can you share a kinky and memorable sexual experience and how it came about?

Roc: Well for me, it would be finally meeting Creampie Cathy last year when she came to visit Philly. We had been talking for quite some time and she does these road trips a few times a year. Now going into this, I had no idea what to expect since seeing her movies she goes all out. When I finally did arrive to shoot our scene, I realized that she is even more beautiful in person, and man can she FUCK. I am able to say that I ROC’d her for sure and giving her a signature creampie that she loved. If any of you ever get the opportunity to meet her during her travels, please do so because you WILL NOT regret doing so.

For more information on Roc, check out his blog at He can be reached anytime at and follow him on Twitter at

Images courtesy of Roc Soild.

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