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Enjoy Sex Scenes in AR With Reality Lover’s New Movies


Enjoy Sex Scenes in AR With Reality Lover’s New Movies

Adult entertainment is constantly innovating with augmented reality being the next frontier. Popular VR porn company, Reality Lovers, has spotted an opportunity to convert several of its VR videos into AR by using a built-in feature that comes with the latest virtual reality headsets. Meta Quest (formerly Oculus), HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR headsets are all compatible with Reality Lover’s AR videos.

Reality Lovers making its mark in the AR space

Depending on how big of a VR porn fan you are, or how long you’ve been watching it, you may remember some notable scenes released by Reality Lovers.

Does Space Orgasm and Caveman’s Meat ring a bell? Maybe not, Reality Lovers filmed these scenes way back in 2017 and 2018. Anyway, They filmed them in both a POV (point of view) and voyeur format, making 4 scenes in total. The interesting thing about these videos was the unique environments that they were set in.

Space Orgasm was set, you guessed it, in space. Well, in a spaceship anyway. And Caveman’s Meat involved two cave people having sex in a prehistoric types setting.

Reality lovers were able to create these settings by using CGI (computer generated imagery). The backgrounds and the environment weren’t real. The only things that were real were the pornstars and the clothes they were wearing, or not wearing should I say.

This was possible because they recorded the footage inside a green screen room. They later edited the footage where they removed and replaced the green background with a digitally created one.

Turning VR into AR using passthrough mode

What Reality lovers have done is gone back to the original footage in the green room and released it to the public. They’ve even offered free trailers so you can try them out without having to pay for the full-length movies.

Because it uses a green screen, these videos are perfect for viewing in AR because you can easily remove the background and place the sex scene anywhere in your physical surroundings.

Using your Quest 2, Quest Pro, HTC Vive, or PSVR2 headset, all you have to do is set your device to passthrough mode and adjust the hue, brightness, and saturation settings. Like magic, you can remove the background from the video and view the scene in AR.

This means you can have a life-sized porn star sitting on your lap and providing you with the ultimate sexual fantasy as though she’s really there.

What can I expect with Reality Lover’s AR Videos

As I say, Reality Lovers released 4 AR porn scenes – Space Orgasm and Caveman’s Meat (in two different versions).

Space Orgasm is a sizzling foursome video featuring yourself and 3 hot porn stars. Blanche Bradburry, Patty Michova, and Vanessa Decker are the stars of this show and each girl comes kitted out in tight white body stockings. They’re definitely there to please you and will make sure you are having a good time. There is also a voyeur version for when you just want to sit back and enjoy the show.

Caveman’s Meat is a one-on-one sex video featuring Brazilian porn star Francys Belle. Francys offers you a personal sexperience where you can enjoy hard sex in several different positions. There is also a non-POV version where you can watch male performer Tomas Hyka give her a good bang.

Having experienced these videos, they are some truly next-level adult entertainment and the closest thing to real sex that’s out there right now. Being able to sit on your couch and have an utterly gorgeous porn star bouncing on top of you is one hell of a sexy sight to see. Minus being able to feel her body, you do feel like it’s really happening.

You get the intimacy, the passion, the eye contact, and everything else that you get from real sex. It’s a truly mind-blowing thing to experience for the first time.

Nobody knows for sure yet whether Reality Lovers will produce more AR porn or not, but it is very likely. They’re one of the most popular VR studios out there with hundreds of scenes featuring over 250 of the biggest and best pornstars in the biz. Their dedication to adult entertainment has been apparent since they first launched in 2016.

With augmented reality porn starting to grow, and headsets increasingly becoming more augmented reality compatible, it’s very likely that more AR porn is to come from Reality Lovers in the future.

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