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Singaporeans and sex – are they or aren’t they??

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Singaporeans and sex – are they or aren’t they??

Singaporeans aren’t having much sex. No two ways around this – all research done on this topic points towards this conclusion.

Going back a little bit into history to the 2003 Durex Global Sex Survey, Singapore had the lowest sexual frequency in the world, with Singaporeans having sex 96 times a year, with the next two lowest countries being Malaysia (100/yr) and Sweden (102/yr). In the 2005, Singapore’s figure was 73 times a year, with 58% of those surveyed unhappy about their sex lives. Last year, a Straits Times survey found that this sexual frequency had been reduced to an average of 5 times per month – roughly equated to 60 times annually. The respondents were also asked what their ideal frequency was (8 times/month).

Some conclusions can definitely be gathered from these various surveys. Although the parameters around each were different, common themes that come out are that

  1. Singaporean’s aren’t having much sex (and the frequency keeps dropping); and
  2. Singaporeans aren’t satisfied with their sex life (or lack thereof) and want more sex.

Two thoughts stem from these results. First of is why this is so. Why are Singaporeans having so little sex? Why are so many Singaporeans unhappy with their sex lives? Is it a given that these two questions are interlinked, or could they be separate? I’ll think on this, and hopefully you guys reading think on this, and perhaps we’ll deal with this in a separate article.

This is the second thought arising from the results – is this really true? Are Singaporeans really having so little sex? From the multiple surveys cited earlier, it does seem so. But let’s look at some other evidence (these are just the more prominent ones that I can think of).

  1. The underage prostitute and the 51 very rich and powerful men implicated in the saga
  2. Underage Vietnamese prostitutes – I think 9 men were charged for this
  3. Sex for Contracts scandals with top Civil Servant(s) involved
  4. Sex for Grades with a University Law Professor
  5. Multiple cases between teachers and students (don’t we all fantasize about a teacher we had)
  6. Psychiatrist with a married patient

These are all cases from the news. In the course of my professional and personal life, I’ve also come across many people whom I know to be having sex outside their relationships. Therefore it does seem that there’s lots of raunchy stuff going on in Singapore – just not with partners/ spouses.

There are many reasons to explain this, if it is indeed the case.

At this point, let me just say that being morally ambiguous, I make no judgements, nor am I in any position to do so. If I could posit a theory as to why this is so, perhaps it’s because relationships become stale, or specifically, that sex in a relationship becomes stale. I truly believe that couples need to make effort to spice things up in the bedroom in order to rediscover themselves, each other and push the boundaries of what they think they’re comfortable with. Break routines (don’t do the ‘Saturday is bonk-day’ thing), be spontaneous. Try new places, new positions, and you know what – new toys. I truly truly believe that they key to a better sex life is experimentation and adventure – whether or not you’re in a relationship or not. But please, please – remember safe sex, an unwanted pregnancy or a STI really ain’t no fun.

Stephen is a part-time writer who works in Finance by day but fancies himself a keen and insightful commentator about sex and everything related to it by night.


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