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Tenga Egg

“Easter arrives early” – Shane

Before my girlfriend gave me a pack of Tenga Eggs for Easter last year, I had never tried a masturbation toy and always relied on my hands to do its job.  Being a guy and influenced by porn, I never thought much of male sex toys and what they could do for me.

Toys enhance sex lives and the Tenga Eggs provides a new dimension for male masturbation.  The Japanese have always been lauded for their twisted creativity but the Tenga Eggs are an exception to the rule.  Each set comes with 6 different styles (Silky, Spider, Clicker, Wavy, Twister and Stepper) with a neat white packaging.

To open, simply unwrap and twist the shell, which will reveal a soft stretchable and jelly like egg.  Each Egg conveniently comes with a small pack of lube which is poured into the Egg before use.  I like the inner ribbed design the Egg provides which feels really good on my penis.

Trying it on for the first time, it looked and felt weird with the Egg on top.  Once I begun stroking the Egg, I felt the sensation growing more intensely.  What I enjoyed most was the ability of the Egg to stretch all the way down my penis, covering the entire shaft with the ribbed lube interior.  With my mind creating sexual fantasies and a new sensation engulfing my penis, it wasn’t long before I came hard into the Egg.  I like the additional fact that my cum is contained inside the Egg as compared to all over when I am use my hands, making clean up quick and easy.

The Egg can be reused for another 3-4 times if it is washed and cleaned properly.   But with another 5 different styles to try, there wasn’t a need to reuse more than twice.

A drawback is that it can get a bit messy sometimes when the lube gets everywhere due to the thrusting and with its simple design, the Egg does not provide any additional visual stimulation.

All in all, the Tenga Egg provides a new sensation to guys who want to try a masturbating toy.  Compact in size, it will fit any penis, accommodating up to 12 inches in length.   The price of the eggs and its re-usability function means it is great value for money.  I personally use it when my girl is on her period or when I want extra spice while having my own personal time.  Once in awhile, we use it during foreplay when my girl gives me head while the Egg is stretched down my entire shaft.  These Eggs are indeed a pleasurable treat to all penises out there!


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