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Rianne S – Matryoshka

Photo: Rianne S


Rianne S – Matryoshka

“Luxury in your hands”

The Rianne S Matryoshka vibrator simply oozes pure class and luxury. From its packaging right down to the vibe’s curvy design, the Matryoshka is one stylish sophisticated toy that raises the bar for all others to follow.  Inspired by the Russian Matryoshka dolls, I had been wanting to try it and was thrilled to be finally getting the chance to do so.

My first impression of the Matryoshka box was that of something coming out from a jewellery store.  Removing the lid from it’s sleek purple exterior, one will find a user manual, charger, beautiful cream satin pouch, charging stand and the vibe itself.

The Matryoshka is made of soft matte silicone, no bigger than the size of my hand, with a small top and rounded bottom.  I love simple to use vibes and the Matryoshka comes with two buttons, one to control the intensity and the other to control the vibrating patterns.

The shape and smoothness felt fantastic when I used it on my nipples, and there is an extra tangy sensation when pressed against my clit.  Lube use is optional but it makes the silicone even smoother when applied, giving it an extra silky touch.


Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in my palm, and I love the feel of its super smooth silicone rubbing against my skin.

Being someone who loves masturbating in the shower, the Matryoshka is waterproof and can be enjoyed without any worries.  I just made sure I dried it completely before charging thereafter.

With five different patterns and vibration modes, the Matryoshka is powerful but surprisingly quiet.  And the lid that covers it during charging makes it extremely discreet, allowing me to leave it on by bedside table without showing any hint of its real purpose.

There is an additional travel setting to prevent any unwanted attention and with its compact size, fits nicely inside any hand carry bags.


Being a clitoral vibe and massager, the Matryoshka does not provide the length and pointedness for thrusting.  This will be a factor for ladies who enjoy penetration as the vibe only allows for shallow insertion.

Before using, the Matryoshka needs to be charged for 8 hours for the first charge and thereafter can only be charged for 24 hours maximum.  Be sure to remove it from the charging station once it is complete.


I highly recommend the Matryoshka for all those looking for a luxury sex toy.  For flying solo or with a partner, the Matryoshka is specially to be used for clitoral and anal stimulation as well as massaging a man’s testicles while giving oral sex.  The price is towards the high end of the sex toy market but it is definitely money worth spending.


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