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What To Know About Small Penis Humiliation


What To Know About Small Penis Humiliation

My personal views towards kink and alternative lifestyles are that everyone should try it and be open minded. Stop being judgmental because at the end the day, many people practice fetish and kink and don’t even know it. It’s a major part of my life and not just the professional part, I live the lifestyle as well.

What Small Penis Humiliation Involves

Small penis humiliation is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the art of making fun of men with little penises. I just filmed five videos of it yesterday. I love small penis humiliation as it’s one of my favorite fetishes. There’s ways to go about humiliating them, you can compare their small penises to other objects or much larger cocks. And you can chastise them for having one. Kind of like when a kid does something wrong and you’re punishing them. There’s so many ways. I suppose you just have to be creative.

Misconceptions About Small Penis Humiliation

Not sure if I’ll call it a misconception, but I will say, some people wanna engage in small penis humiliation and they don’t even have a small penis.

Well here is my favorite one, they want to engage a small penis humiliation and their feelings are hurt and they never want to talk to you again and you’re the worst person in the world etc. Literally, the fetish has the word humiliation in it.

Favorite Small Penis Humiliation Activities

My favorite type of small penis humiliation is comparing them to a BBC (big black cock) and a tease and denial situation. I notice a lot of my submissive’s who enjoy SPH are also into BBC play. Which is nice because then I could really connect with them and plan a larger or longer session.

I can also turn it into a coerced bi situation, depending on my subs limits. I love tease and denial and it’s one of my top favorite fetishes. I love to brag to my SPH fans how they could never please me in ways larger penises can. It’s really fun to taunt them as if they could have me and then deny them because of their small penis. I love it most that they truly love it themselves.

What To Know Before Getting Into SPH

I think that subs should know before trying small penis humiliation is that this is a fetish based on being crude and making fun of their small attachment. Do not go into this fetish thinking your Mistress is going to be sweet and nice to you or baby you. Also, if you do not have a small penis then you do nap in the category of small penis humiliation. If you just wanna be humiliated for having a penis, then just say so. Well maybe I shouldn’t tell people how to enjoy getting off. If having a normal size penis and wanting to be talked down to as if it was smaller gets you off then so be it. Just when requesting your session with your Mistress, make sure you inform her so that she can properly prepare for her session with you.

People assume it’s easy to be a Dominatrix, that you just show up and fulfil people‘s fantasies. To truly connect to your sub, it takes planning and setting up for your session. Also, if you are trying to have a session with a professional, do not contact them if you are not going to pay. Find yourself a person who lives in the lifestyle and does it for free. Read all about the professional Dominatrix you are interested in. Read their websites and rules. Do not ask a million questions that are clearly answered on their website. That will turn your Mistress off. I personally ignore individuals who do. It shows laziness, that you do not listen nor follow directions, and that you are more so interested in the pleasures for you.

Remember to be aware of your limits and to voice them. Respect the Dommes limits as well. If she says no, than it’s a no. If you are with a lifestyle or pro Domme, please make sure you’re being safe sane and consensual.

Dominatrix Yessi Evans – I’m the countess of Femdom. My name is Yessi Evans and I exist for you to serve me.

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No tours at the moment due to the Coronavirus. I plan on holding in person sessions again once things die down. I currently only service Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

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Dominatrix Yessi Evans

I’m the countess of Femdom. My name is Yessi Evans and I exist for you to serve me.


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