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What To Know About Sensual Domination & Sensation Play


What To Know About Sensual Domination & Sensation Play

My formal training background is in somatic sex therapy, Tantra and sexual healing. I evolved my sessions to go deeper and explore the “shadow” side of sexuality. I added elements of bondage, sensory deprivation, sensation play, and the psychological aspect of kink, fantasy and role playing to my sessions. When people think of a dominatrix archetype, they think ‘mean, cold, cruel’.

I am naturally sensual, sexy and playful but I always remain in a dominant role. Many of my students don’t identify as submissive or kinky, so part of my work is getting into their head to see what makes them tick. My work is part psychotherapist and personal trainer. Erotic embodiment starts in the mind. Being pushed out of our comfort zones is where we grow.

What Does Sensual Domination Involve?

Many believe “sensual domination” is a focus on pleasure instead of pain. But what if bringing someone to the edge of their pain and pushing their boundaries to submit and let go makes it pleasurable? What if being “punished” meant you had to give up control and give it to another, but at the same time knowing they would not break your boundaries and really hurt you?

What I personally enjoy about sensual domination is pushing my students boundaries (not crossing them), giving them pain, pleasure and a thousand other feelings and sensations they’ve never experienced. After 90 minutes strapped down to my table, deprived of their senses and taking them on a sensation roller coaster, most of my students are speechless when the session is over.

I think many experience a spiritual awakening they can’t get from talk therapy or even sex with a partner. I love being able to give them something they’ve never experienced, and it often opens the doors to new sexual explorations.

Why Subs Enjoy This Kink

A true submissive is someone who gets pleasure from my pleasure, so I tell them what I like and they naturally enjoy giving. I love subs that love servitude! My favorite submissive students are foot and pantyhose fetishists. I love having my feet massaged and legs stroked over my stockings. I also love role playing with ‘sissy boys’ and seeing them dressed as slutty girls.

If it’s something that turns me on, it turns them on, so it’s not really humiliation or punishment.

Incorporating Sensation Play Into Sensual Domination

Before I blindfold and place my student in bondage, we talk about what they want to learn, role play or simply let go of their thoughts completely. We go over boundaries, safe words, mutual trust, etc. We do a submission ritual and I ask them to let go of control, trust me to guide them on a journey and bring them home safely. I use all types of sensation, not just floggers and paddles. When we deprive the senses (eyes and ears), other senses get heightened.

I often use essential oil scents in the air. The touch of my nails lightly caressing their backside, then it might turn into a spank. I use metal and glass objects (cold sensations), hot stones, intense vibrators, sex toys, feathers, fur, leather, silk. Even forks and toothbrushes might be used. I think of my students’ body as my canvas, and I get to use my brushes to creatively express myself while responding to their reactions. I also enjoy adding prostate massage, dildos and strap on play (if agreed upon before the session.) Endorphins are heightened, and they begin to relax and accept they’re helpless and vulnerable.

I think most men have the ‘happy ending’ in the front of their minds when we start the session as that’s what they associate being naked on a table with an attractive woman touching them, but that’s not anything I promise. The session is about pleasing ME, I have to remind them. The more they push for that, the more fun it is to tease and make them beg. Every session is unique, and I might free up one arm to let a student masturbate if they beg and plead, but ejaculation is never the goal of a session.

If This Is Your First Sensual Domination Session…

If hiring a professional dominant, don’t expect a hand job. If that’s your goal, see an erotic massage provider. Remember, you are there to serve the Goddess first. Find professionals who’ve been around a few years and have a reputation. Look at their social media accounts, read their website and blog posts. You don’t want to be tied up or mind-fucked by someone you can’t trust. Before emailing them, read their website well. I can’t stress this enough!

If you ask questions that are clearly on her website, you’ve already shown her that you’re going to be a difficult student. Write to her as if you were trying to land your dream job position. Would you email your potential new boss, ‘U avail now for work? How much u pay?” If she has a gift wish list or a way to tip her online, do it! It shows us you’re serious and you really like to serve. Little things can go a long away in making a good or bad first impression.

Always shower right before the session and really clean between those butt cheeks and balls with a soap and a wash cloth! If you’re coming straight from work, ask her before the session if you can use her shower (but note that time may come out of your session time.)

If you want to any kind of ass play or prostate massage (and she offers it), I recommend a few hours before your session, cleaning out the lower part of your anal cavity with a few squirts of warm water. You can lie on the floor and use an old-school hot water bottle with a douche attachment (always use lukewarm water); or a powerful hand-held shower massager for a few seconds; or just a plastic water bottle (get into a doggie style position with your ass way up in the tub while you gently squeeze a few ounces of warm water, then let the water flow out). This is for just cleaning the lower colon.

If you want to take a really big toy or get pegged (strap-on play), you’ll want to do a full colon clean out, which I recommend doing the night before. Even with cleaning, “shit happens” sometimes. I can’t speak for all Dommes, but I don’t shame my students if it happens (but I also don’t offer scat play or diaper fetish play, so if that’s your thing, you should let the Domme know beforehand.)

You should expect in any kink or BDSM play, the RACK tenets: Risk Accepted Consensual Kink. Dommes and subs are in charge of speaking their own boundaries, and at any point during playtime the Domme or sub may stop or alter what they are doing by stating their safe word. After the session is over, doing ‘aftercare’- Checking in with each other, making sure their sub is in a good head space and feeling ok physically (I always remind them to drink lots of water and have a snack if feeling light-headed.)

A ‘sub drop’ sadness sometimes happens after dropping from ‘cloud 9’ euphoria and coming back down to earth. I give some time at the end of the session if they need to talk or process their feelings. Above all, expect to be pleasantly surprised and you’ll have an amazing session!

Mistress Marlena Maven – A sensual dominatrix, certified somatic sex educator and couples’ kink coach. She is available for online sessions worldwide as well as her studio in Portland, Oregon.

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Mistress Marlena Maven

Mistress Marlena Maven is a sensual dominatrix, certified somatic sex educator and couples’ kink coach. She is available for online sessions worldwide as well as her studio in Portland, Oregon.


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